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Sigma KEE - StructureAttribute

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(documentation StructureAttribute ChineseLanguage "StructureAttribute 的每一个 subclass 表示物理实体结构的某些方面。每一个 StructureAttributeinstance 所指的都是和一些& %Physical 实体有关的结构体征。") chinese_format.kif 3958-3960
(documentation StructureAttribute EnglishLanguage "Each subclass of StructureAttribute denotes some facet of the structure of physical entities. Each instance of StructureAttribute denotes some structural characteristic that may pertain to some Physical entity.") Merge.kif 17462-17465
(subclass StructureAttribute InternalAttribute) Merge.kif 17461-17461 StructureAttribute is a subclass of internal attribute

appearance as argument number 2

(subclass CrystallineStructure StructureAttribute) Geography.kif 6816-6816 Crystalline structure is a subclass of StructureAttribute
(subclass ShapeAttribute StructureAttribute) Merge.kif 17467-17467 Shape attribute is a subclass of StructureAttribute

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