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Sigma KEE - DirectedGraph
DirectedGraph(graph dirig�e)

appearance as argument number 1

(documentation DirectedGraph ChineseLanguage "这是有向图的 Class,有向图的所有 GraphArc 都 有方向,即是每一个 GraphArc 有一个始点(可参考 InitialNodeFn)和一个终点(可参考 TerminalNodeFn)。") chinese_format.kif 2326-2328
(documentation DirectedGraph EnglishLanguage "The Class of directed graphs. A directed graph is a Graph in which all GraphArcs have direction, i.e. every GraphArc has an initial node (see InitialNodeFn) and a terminal node (see TerminalNodeFn).") Merge.kif 5670-5673
(documentation DirectedGraph JapaneseLanguage "有向グラフの Class。 有向グラフは、すべての GraphArcs が方向を持つ Graph である。 すなわち、すべての GraphArc には初期ノード (InitialNodeFn を参照) とターミナルノード (TerminalNodeFn を参照) がある。") japanese_format.kif 1000-1002
(externalImage DirectedGraph " a/ a2/ Directed.svg") pictureList.kif 1728-1728
(subclass DirectedGraph Graph) Merge.kif 5668-5668 Graph dirig�e est une sous-classe de graph

appearance as argument number 2

(subclass GraphPath DirectedGraph) Merge.kif 5718-5718 Chemin du graph est une sous-classe de graph dirig�e
(subclass Tree DirectedGraph) Merge.kif 5685-5685 Arbre est une sous-classe de graph dirig�e
(termFormat ChineseLanguage DirectedGraph "有向图") chinese_format.kif 934-934
(termFormat EnglishLanguage DirectedGraph "directed graph") english_format.kif 1075-1075
(termFormat FrenchLanguage DirectedGraph "graph dirig�e") french_format.kif 610-610
(termFormat Hindi DirectedGraph "pratyaksha aalekha") terms-hindi.txt 141-141
(termFormat ItalianLanguage DirectedGraph "GrafoDiretto") terms-it.txt 144-144
(termFormat JapaneseLanguage DirectedGraph "有向グラフ") japanese_format.kif 2295-2295
(termFormat PortugueseLanguage DirectedGraph "Grafo Orientado") portuguese_format.kif 562-562
(termFormat cz DirectedGraph "directed graph") terms-cz.txt 178-178
(termFormat ro DirectedGraph "graf orientat") relations-ro.kif 631-631
(termFormat tg DirectedGraph "tuwirang talaguhitan") terms-tg.txt 145-145


        (graphPart ?PATH ?GRAPH)
            (instance ?GRAPH DirectedGraph)))
        (instance ?PATH
            (GraphPathFn ?NODE1 ?NODE2))
        (instance ?PATH
            (GraphPathFn ?NODE2 ?NODE1))))
Merge.kif 6062-6068
        (instance ?GRAPH DirectedGraph)
        (instance ?ARC GraphArc)
        (graphPart ?ARC ?GRAPH))
    (exists (?NODE1 ?NODE2)
                (InitialNodeFn ?ARC) ?NODE1)
                (TerminalNodeFn ?ARC) ?NODE2))))
Merge.kif 5675-5683

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