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Sigma KEE - WriteOnceDataStorage

appearance as argument number 1

(documentation WriteOnceDataStorage EnglishLanguage "A DigitalDataStorageDevice on which the DigitalData once written can not be deleted or altered, e.g. CD-R, DVD-R.") Media.kif 712-712
(subclass WriteOnceDataStorage DigitalDataStorageDevice) Media.kif 711-711 WriteOnceDataStorage est une sous-classe de DigitalDataStorageDevice

appearance as argument number 2

(subclass CD-R WriteOnceDataStorage) Media.kif 1178-1178 CD-R est une sous-classe de WriteOnceDataStorage
(termFormat EnglishLanguage WriteOnceDataStorage "write once data storage") domainEnglishFormat.kif 65757-65757


    (instance ?X WriteOnceDataStorage)
            (exists (?WRITE1 ?DATA1)
                    (instance ?WRITE1 Writing)
                    (patient ?WRITE1 ?X)
                    (patient ?WRITE1 ?DATA1)
                            (WhenFn ?WRITE1))
                        (stored ?DATA1 ?X)))) Possibility)
                (exists (?WRITE2 ?DATA2)
                        (stored ?DATA2 ?X)
                            (instance ?WRITE2 ContentDevelopment)
                            (instance ?WRITE2 DeletingData))
                            (equal ?WRITE1 ?WRITE2))
                        (patient ?WRITE2 ?DATA2))) Possibility))))
Media.kif 713-736

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