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Sigma KEE - RoomInventory

appearance as argument number 1

(documentation RoomInventory EnglishLanguage "RoomInventory is the Collection of HotelUnit that a TravelerAccommodation has in one PropertyFn") Hotel.kif 134-135
(subclass RoomInventory Collection) Hotel.kif 133-133

appearance as argument number 2

(termFormat EnglishLanguage RoomInventory "room inventory") Hotel.kif 136-136

appearance as argument number 3

(domain allRoomsPhysicalAmenity 1 RoomInventory) Hotel.kif 163-163
(domain allRoomsPolicy 1 RoomInventory) Hotel.kif 225-225
(domain allRoomsServiceAmenity 1 RoomInventory) Hotel.kif 210-210
(domain someRoomsAttribute 1 RoomInventory) Hotel.kif 255-255
(domain someRoomsPhysicalAmenity 1 RoomInventory) Hotel.kif 179-179
(domain someRoomsPolicy 1 RoomInventory) Hotel.kif 240-240
(domain someRoomsServiceAmenity 1 RoomInventory) Hotel.kif 195-195


        (element ?X
            (PropertyFn ?HOTEL))
        (instance ?X RoomInventory))
    (forall (?Y)
            (member ?Y ?X)
            (element ?Y
                (PropertyFn ?HOTEL)))))
Hotel.kif 142-149
    (instance ?X RoomInventory)
    (memberType ?X HotelUnit))
Hotel.kif 138-140

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