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Sigma KEE - HumanLanguage
HumanLanguage(human language)
interlanguage, koine, lingua_franca

appearance as argument number 1

(documentation HumanLanguage ChineseLanguage "这是 Human 所用 Languagesubclass 。") chinese_format.kif 1666-1666
(documentation HumanLanguage EnglishLanguage "The subclass of Languages used by Humans.") Merge.kif 1450-1451
(documentation HumanLanguage JapaneseLanguage "LanguagesubclassHumans が 使用する。") japanese_format.kif 255-256
(documentation HumanLanguage SpanishLanguage "La subclass de Languages usados o sea «lenguajes naturales» por Humans.") spanish_format.kif 300-301
(externalImage HumanLanguage " 2/ 21/ Unua_Libro.jpg") pictureList.kif 9311-9311
(externalImage HumanLanguage " a/ af/ Confusion_of_Tongues.png") pictureList.kif 9309-9309
(externalImage HumanLanguage " b/ b5/ Languengl.gif") pictureList.kif 9312-9312
(externalImage HumanLanguage " f/ fe/ Caslon-schriftmusterblatt.jpeg") pictureList.kif 8528-8528
(partition HumanLanguage NaturalLanguage ConstructedLanguage) Merge.kif 1447-1447 Human language is exhaustively partitioned into natural language and constructed language
(partition HumanLanguage SpokenHumanLanguage ManualHumanLanguage) Merge.kif 1448-1448 Human language is exhaustively partitioned into spoken human language and manual human language
(subclass HumanLanguage Language) Merge.kif 1446-1446 Human language is a subclass of language

appearance as argument number 2

(subclass ConstructedLanguage HumanLanguage) Merge.kif 1460-1460 Constructed language is a subclass of human language
(subclass ManualHumanLanguage HumanLanguage) Merge.kif 1485-1485 Manual human language is a subclass of human language
(subclass NaturalLanguage HumanLanguage) Merge.kif 1477-1477 Natural language is a subclass of human language
(subclass SpokenHumanLanguage HumanLanguage) Merge.kif 1491-1491 Spoken human language is a subclass of human language
(subclass WrittenHumanLanguage HumanLanguage) Merge.kif 1508-1508 Written human language is a subclass of human language
(termFormat ChineseLanguage HumanLanguage "人类语言") chinese_format.kif 843-843
(termFormat EnglishLanguage HumanLanguage "human language") english_format.kif 888-888
(termFormat FrenchLanguage HumanLanguage "langage humain") french_format.kif 519-519
(termFormat Hindi HumanLanguage "maanava bhaashaa") terms-hindi.txt 50-50
(termFormat ItalianLanguage HumanLanguage "LinguaggioUmano") terms-it.txt 53-53
(termFormat JapaneseLanguage HumanLanguage "人間の言語") japanese_format.kif 2204-2204
(termFormat PortugueseLanguage HumanLanguage "Linguagem Humana") portuguese_format.kif 471-471
(termFormat cb HumanLanguage "tawhanong pinulongan") terms-cb.txt 55-55
(termFormat cz HumanLanguage "human language") terms-cz.txt 86-86
(termFormat ro HumanLanguage "limbaj uman") relations-ro.kif 540-540
(termFormat tg HumanLanguage "wika ng tao") terms-tg.txt 54-54

appearance as argument number 3

(disjointDecomposition Language AnimalLanguage HumanLanguage ComputerLanguage) Merge.kif 1406-1406 Language is disjointly decomposed into animal language, human language, and computer language
(domain documentation 2 HumanLanguage) Merge.kif 370-370 The number 2 argument of documentation is an instance of human language
(domain pastTense 1 HumanLanguage) emotion.kif 198-198 The number 1 argument of past tense is an instance of human language
(domain utterance 1 HumanLanguage) emotion.kif 191-191 The number 1 argument of utterance is an instance of human language


        (instance ?LANG HumanLanguage)
        (agent ?PROC ?AGENT)
        (instrument ?PROC ?LANG))
    (instance ?AGENT Human))
Merge.kif 1453-1458