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partition__3 partition__3
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Parrot (parrot) overlapsSpatially (overlaps spatially)
ParsiDariLanguage (parsi dari language) overlapsTemporally (overlaps temporally)
ParsiLanguage (parsi language) pValue (confidence interval)
Parsley (Parsley) paidFunctionRoomAmenity (free function room amenity)
PartIIMember (partII member) paidPropertyAmenity (paid property amenity)
PartIMember (partI member) paidRoomAmenity (paid room amenity)
PartTimePosition (part time position) parallel (parallel)
PartialDifferentialEquation (partial differential equation) parasite (parasite)
PartialMarketEconomy (partial market economy) parasitic (parasitic)
PartialOrderingRelation (partial ordering relation) parent (parent)
PartialVacuum (partial vacuum) part (part)
PartialValuedRelation (partial valued relation) partTypes (partTypes)
PartiallyCoveringGraphicalWindow (PartiallyCoveringGraphicalWindow) partialOrderingOn (partial ordering on)
ParticleWord (particle word) partiallyFills (partially fills)
ParticulateMatter (particulate matter) partition (partition)
Partition__3 partition__3
PartlyCloudyWeather (partly cloudy weather) partlyLocated (partly located)
PartnersForCooperation (partners for cooperation) partyToAgreement (party to agreement)
Partnership (partnership) passenger (passenger)
PartnershipForPeace (partnership for peace) passengerCapacityMaxNumber (passenger capacity max number)
PartyID (PartyID) password (password)
PartyPlatform (party platform) pastTense (pastTense)
ParyaLanguage (parya language) paternalAunt (paternal aunt)
Pascal (pascal) paternalUncle (paternal uncle)
PashayiGroupLanguage (pashayi group language) path (path)
PashtoLanguage (pashto language) pathInSystem (path in system)
PashtunEthnicity (pashtun ethnicity) pathLength (path length)
PassCertificate (pass certificate) pathologicSymptom (pathologic symptom)
Passenger-LandingCraft (passenger- landing craft) pathologyTreatment (pathology treatment)
PassengerAndCargoShip (passenger and cargo ship) patient (patient)
PassengerCarLeasing (passenger car leasing) patientMedical (patient medical)
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