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disjointDecomposition__6 disjointDecomposition__6
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Disappointment (disappointment) diplomaticRelations (diplomatic relations)
DiscBrake (disc brake) diplomaticRepresentationType (diplomatic representation type)
Discharging (discharging) diplomaticRepresentativeInRole (diplomatic representative in role)
Discography (discography) directed (directed)
DiscoverCard (discover card) direction (direction)
Discovering (discovering) directoryOf (directory of)
Discretization (discretization) disapproves (disapproves)
DiseaseConditionsIssue (disease conditions issue) discography (discography)
DiseaseOrSyndrome (disease or syndrome) discovers (discovers)
Disgust (disgust) diseaseIncubation (disease incubation)
DisgustedFacialExpression (disgusted facial expression) diseaseMortality (disease mortality)
DisgustedVoiceUtterance (disgusted voice utterance) diseaseSymptom (disease symptom)
Dish (dish) diseaseTreatment (disease treatment)
Dishdashah (dishdashah) disjoint (disjoint)
Dishwasher (dishwasher) disjointDecomposition (disjoint decomposition)
DisjointDecomposition__6 disjointDecomposition__6
DiskDrive (disk drive) disjointRelation (disjoint relation)
DiskDriveWithRemovableDisks (disk drive with removable disks) diskTypeForDrive (disk type for drive)
DiskShaped (disk shaped) dislikes (dislikes)
DislocatedCivilian (dislocated civilian) displayTitle (display title)
DismantlingWeaponOfMassDestruction (dismantling weapon of mass destruction) displayedUpon (displayed upon)
Dismounting (dismounting) disputedPossession (disputed possession)
DisplacedPerson (displaced person) distance (distance)
DisplacementHullWaterVehicle (displacement hull water vehicle) distanceOnPath (distance on path)
DisplayAdvertising (display advertising) distributes (distributes)
DisplayArtifact (display artifact) distrusts (distrusts)
DisseminateProducts (product dissemination) documentation (documentation)
Disseminating (disseminating) domain (domain)
Dissident (dissident) domainSubclass (domain subclass)
Dissipator (dissipator) domesticPartner (domestic partner)
DistilledAlcoholicBeverage (distilled alcoholic beverage) doubts (doubts)
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