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ListFn__4Fn ListFn__4Fn
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Liqueur (Liqueur) lengthOfPavedHighway (length of paved highway)
Liquid (liquid) lengthOfPetroleumProductPipeline (length of petroleum product pipeline)
LiquidBodySubstance (liquid body substance) lengthOfStandardGaugeRailway (length of standard gauge railway)
LiquidDrop (liquid drop) lengthOfUnclassifiedGaugeRailway (length of unclassified gauge railway)
LiquidEngineCoolingSystem (water cooling system) lengthOfUnpavedHighway (length of unpaved highway)
LiquidFood (liquid food) lessThan (less than)
LiquidMixture (liquid mixture) lessThanOrEqualTo (less than or equal to)
LiquidMotion (liquid motion) lethalDose (lethal dose)
Liquidation (liquidation) lexicon (lexicon)
LiquidityAttribute (liquidity attribute) lifeStageAchieved (life stage achieved)
LiquorShot (liquor shot) limitPrice (limit price)
List (list) lineMeasure (line measure)
ListBox (ListBox) linearExtent (linearExtent)
ListConcatenateFn (list concatenate) links (links)
ListFn (list) liquidity (liquidity)
ListFn__4Fn listFn__4Fn
ListLengthFn (list length) listedOn (listed on)
ListOnSite (list on site) listingBidder (listing bidder)
ListOrderFn (list order) listingBuyer (listing buyer)
ListSumFn (the &%sum of elements in %1) listingSeller (listing seller)
Listening (listening) load (load)
ListingAttribute (web listing attribute) loanFeeAmount (loan fee amount)
Liter (liter) loanForPurchase (loan for purchase)
LiteracyAttribute (literacy attribute) loanInterest (loan interest)
Literature (literature) localLongName (local long name)
Lithium (lithium) localShortName (local short name)
Lithuania (lithuania) located (located)
LithuanianLanguage (lithuanian language) locatedAtTime (located at time)
LithuanianLitas (lithuanian litas) locationMeasuringList (location measuring list)
LithuanianSignLanguage (lithuanian sign language) loggedInDuring (logged-in during)
LittoralCurrent (littoral current) losesControl (loses control)
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