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Sigma KEE - HepatitisC
HepatitisC(hepatitis c)

appearance as argument number 1

s__documentation(s__HepatitisC,s__EnglishLanguage,'"Like other forms of hepatitis, HepatitisC attacks the liver of the victim. The disease often results in chronic infection and chronic liver disease, although the mortality rate of this disease is lower than that of HepatitisB. Most cases of HepatitisC are due to injections of illegal drugs."')

WMD.kif 1750-1753
s__externalImage(s__HepatitisC,'" 4/ 4c/ Sources_of_Infection_for_Persons_with_Hepatitis_C_%28CDC%29_US.png"')

pictureList.kif 7059-7059


WMD.kif 1748-1748 Hepatitis c is an instance of hepatitis


WMD.kif 1749-1749 Hepatitis c is an instance of life threatening disease

appearance as argument number 2


WMD.kif 1744-1744 Hepatitis c is a biochemical agent syndrome of hepatitisC virus

domainEnglishFormat.kif 27972-27972

domainEnglishFormat.kif 27971-27971
s__termFormat(s__EnglishLanguage,s__HepatitisC,'"hepatitis c"')

domainEnglishFormat.kif 27970-27970

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