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Sigma KEE - muscleOrigin

appearance as argument number 1

(documentation muscleOrigin EnglishLanguage "The origin of a muscle is an attachment site that connects the MMuscle to a Bone or other BodyPart. This point is typically proximal to the body and does not move during MuscularContraction (relative to StandardAnatomicalPosition). This is a relationship between classes of things, where a typical and healthy Human (and likely more broadly for Primates) will have a muscle with the given origin point. [from Wikipedia]") Anatomy.kif 1679-1683
(domainSubclass muscleOrigin 1 Muscle) Anatomy.kif 1686-1686 The number 1 argument of muscle origin is a subclass of muscle
(domainSubclass muscleOrigin 2 BodyPart) Anatomy.kif 1687-1687 The number 2 argument of muscle origin is a subclass of body part
(instance muscleOrigin BinaryPredicate) Anatomy.kif 1685-1685 muscle origin is an instance of binary predicate

appearance as argument number 2

(format EnglishLanguage muscleOrigin "the origin of %1 is %2") Anatomy.kif 1688-1688
(termFormat EnglishLanguage muscleOrigin "muscle origin") Anatomy.kif 1689-1689


        (muscleOrigin ?MC ?BPC)
        (instance ?H Human)
        (attribute ?H Healthy))
    (exists (?M ?BP)
            (instance ?M ?MC)
            (instance ?BP ?BPC)
            (part ?M ?H)
            (part ?BP ?H)
            (connects ?M ?BP))))
Anatomy.kif 1695-1706
        (muscleOrigin ?MC ?BPC)
        (instance ?H Human)
        (holdsDuring ?T
            (attribute ?H StandardAnatomicalPosition))
        (attribute ?H Healthy)
        (instance ?C MuscularContraction)
            (WhenFn ?C) ?T)
        (instance ?M ?MC)
        (part ?M ?H)
        (instrument ?C ?M)
        (physicalEnd ?E ?M)
        (meetsSpatially ?E ?BP)
            (BeginFn ?C)
            (located ?E ?L)))
        (EndFn ?C)
        (located ?E ?L)))
Anatomy.kif 1708-1729
    (muscleOrigin ?MC ?BPC)
    (connectedBodyPart ?MC ?BPC))
Anatomy.kif 1691-1693

appearance as argument number 0

(muscleOrigin AbductorDigitiMinimiMuscle Pisiform) Muscles.kif 1610-1610 The origin of abductor digiti minimi muscle is Pisiform
(muscleOrigin AbductorDigitiMinimiMuscle PlantarAponeurosis) Muscles.kif 2146-2146 The origin of abductor digiti minimi muscle is PlantarAponeurosis
(muscleOrigin AbductorHallucisMuscle MedialProcessOfCalcaneusFlexorRetinaculumPlantarAponeurosis) Muscles.kif 2129-2129 The origin of abductor hallucis muscle is MedialProcessOfCalcaneusFlexorRetinaculumPlantarAponeurosis
(muscleOrigin AbductorPollicisBrevisMuscle FlexorRetinaculumOfHandScaphoidAndTrapezium) Muscles.kif 1583-1583 The origin of abductor pollicis brevis muscle is FlexorRetinaculumOfHandScaphoidAndTrapezium
(muscleOrigin AbductorPollicisLongusMuscle Ulna) Muscles.kif 1537-1537 The origin of abductor pollicis longus muscle is ulna
(muscleOrigin AbductorPollicisMuscle AnteriorBoidyOfThirdMetacarpal) Muscles.kif 1592-1592 The origin of abductor pollicis brevis muscle is AnteriorBoidyOfThirdMetacarpal
(muscleOrigin AdductorBrevisMuscle AnteriorSurfaceOfInferiorPubicRamus11) Muscles.kif 1940-1940 The origin of adductor brevis muscle is AnteriorSurfaceOfInferiorPubicRamus11
(muscleOrigin AdductorHallucisMuscle ProximalEndOfmetatarsal) Muscles.kif 2182-2182 The origin of adductor hallucis muscle is ProximalEndOfmetatarsal
(muscleOrigin AdductorLongusMuscle PubicBodyJustBelowPubicCrest) Muscles.kif 1949-1949 The origin of adductor longus muscle is PubicBodyJustBelowPubicCrest
(muscleOrigin AdductorMusclesOfTheHipMuscle Pubis) Muscles.kif 1907-1907 The origin of adductor muscles of the &hip is Pubis
(muscleOrigin AlarPartDilatorNarisMuscle AlveolarYokeOfIncisorTooth) Muscles.kif 243-243 The origin of alar part dilator naris muscle is AlveolarYokeOfIncisorTooth
(muscleOrigin AlarPartDilatorNarisMuscle SkinNearMarginOfNostril) Muscles.kif 244-244 The origin of alar part dilator naris muscle is SkinNearMarginOfNostril
(muscleOrigin AnconeusMuscle LateralEpicondyleOfHumerus) Muscles.kif 1371-1371 The origin of anconeus muscle is LateralEpicondyleOfHumerus
(muscleOrigin ArticularisGenusMuscle Femur) Muscles.kif 1811-1811 The origin of articularis genus muscle is FEMUR
(muscleOrigin ArytenoidTransverseAndObliqueMuscle ArytenoidCartilageOnOneSide) Muscles.kif 541-541 The origin of arytenoid (transverse and oblique) muscle is ArytenoidCartilageOnOneSide
(muscleOrigin AuricularisAnteriorMuscle TemporalFascia) Muscles.kif 165-165 The origin of auricularis anterior muscle is TemporalFascia
(muscleOrigin AuricularisPosteriorMuscle MastoidProcessOfTemporalBoneTendonOfSternocleidomastoid) Muscles.kif 181-181 The origin of auricularis posterior muscle is MastoidProcessOfTemporalBoneTendonOfSternocleidomastoid
(muscleOrigin AuricularisSuperiorMuscle EpicranialAponeurosis) Muscles.kif 173-173 The origin of auricularis superior muscle is EpicranialAponeurosis
(muscleOrigin BicepsBrachiiMuscle CoracoidProcessOfScapula) Muscles.kif 1342-1342 The origin of coracobrachialis muscle is CoracoidProcessOfScapula
(muscleOrigin BicepsFemorisMuscle IschialTuberosity) Muscles.kif 1874-1874 The origin of biceps femoris muscle is IschialTuberosity
(muscleOrigin BrachialisMuscle AnteriorSurfaceOfHumerusMainlyDistalHalf) Muscles.kif 1350-1350 The origin of brachialis muscle is AnteriorSurfaceOfHumerusMainlyDistalHalf
(muscleOrigin BrachioradialisMuscle LateralSupracondylarRidgeOfHumerus) Muscles.kif 1491-1491 The origin of brachioradialis muscle is LateralSupracondylarRidgeOfHumerus
(muscleOrigin BuccinatorMuscle AlveolarProcessesOfMaxillaAndMandiblePterygomandibularRaphe) Muscles.kif 295-295 The origin of buccinator muscle is AlveolarProcessesOfMaxillaAndMandiblePterygomandibularRaphe
(muscleOrigin BulbospongiosusMuscle PerinealRaphe) Muscles.kif 1150-1150 The origin of bulbospongiosus muscle is PerinealRaphe
(muscleOrigin ChondroglossusMuscle LesserCornuAndBodyOfHyoidBone) Muscles.kif 395-395 The origin of chondroglossus muscle is LesserCornuAndBodyOfHyoidBone

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