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Sigma KEE - WorldOcean
WorldOcean(world ocean)

appearance as argument number 1

(documentation WorldOcean EnglishLanguage "The WorldOcean is the collective mass of sea water that covers 70% of the surface of PlanetEarth, surrounding all of its dry land areas. Earth's individual Oceans are parts of the WorldOcean.") Geography.kif 4402-4405
(externalImage WorldOcean " 8/ 82/ World_ocean_map.gif") pictureList.kif 4953-4953
(instance WorldOcean BodyOfWater) Geography.kif 4398-4398 World ocean is an instance of body of water
(instance WorldOcean SaltWaterArea) Geography.kif 4397-4397 World ocean is an instance of salt water area

appearance as argument number 2

(inScopeOfInterest InternationalHydrographicOrganization WorldOcean) Government.kif 3529-3529 International hydrographic organization is interested in world ocean
(names "the ocean" WorldOcean) Geography.kif 4400-4400 World ocean has name "the ocean"
(names "world ocean" WorldOcean) Geography.kif 4399-4399 World ocean has name "world ocean"
(termFormat ChineseLanguage WorldOcean "世界海洋") domainEnglishFormat.kif 63510-63510
(termFormat ChineseTraditionalLanguage WorldOcean "世界海洋") domainEnglishFormat.kif 63509-63509
(termFormat EnglishLanguage WorldOcean "world ocean") domainEnglishFormat.kif 63508-63508


        (instance ?X WaterTransportationService)
        (serviceProvider ?X ?Y)
        (attribute ?Y DeepSeaFreightTransportation))
    (exists (?FREIGHT ?SHIP)
            (subProcess ?FREIGHT ?X)
            (instance ?FREIGHT WaterTransportation)
            (instrument ?FREIGHT ?SHIP)
            (instance ?SHIP CargoShip)
            (eventLocated ?FREIGHT WorldOcean))))
naics.kif 8139-8150
        (instance ?X WaterTransportationService)
        (serviceProvider ?X ?Y)
        (attribute ?Y DeepSeaPassengerTransportation))
    (exists (?CRUISE ?SHIP)
            (subProcess ?CRUISE ?X)
            (instance ?CRUISE WaterTransportation)
            (instrument ?CRUISE ?SHIP)
            (instance ?SHIP PassengerShip)
            (eventLocated ?CRUISE WorldOcean)
                (exists (?FERRY)
                        (instance ?FERRY ShortSeaPassengerShip)
                        (equal ?SHIP ?FERRY)))))))
naics.kif 8159-8175
    (instance ?AREA Continent)
    (meetsSpatially ?AREA WorldOcean))
Geography.kif 4407-4409
    (instance ?OCEAN Ocean)
    (properPart ?OCEAN WorldOcean))
Geography.kif 4429-4431
    (instance ?SEA Sea)
    (properPart ?SEA WorldOcean))
Geography.kif 4677-4679
    (instance ?WATER Estuary)
    (exists (?SEA)
            (instance ?SEA SaltWaterArea)
            (part ?SEA WorldOcean)
            (connected ?SEA ?WATER))))
Geography.kif 5085-5091

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