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Sigma KEE - ShuttleService

appearance as argument number 1

(documentation ShuttleService EnglishLanguage "ShuttleService refers to how an agent that possesses some kind of Automobile takes people between an origin location to some predefined locations") Hotel.kif 2030-2032
(subclass ShuttleService TransportationService) Hotel.kif 2029-2029 Shuttle is a subclass of transportation service

appearance as argument number 2

(subclass AirportShuttleService ShuttleService) Hotel.kif 2066-2066 Airport shuttle is a subclass of shuttle
(termFormat EnglishLanguage ShuttleService "shuttle") Hotel.kif 2033-2033


    (instance ?SVC ShuttleService)
    (exists (?LIST ?VEHICLE ?AGENT)
            (agent ?SVC ?AGENT)
            (possesses ?AGENT ?VEHICLE)
            (instance ?VEHICLE Automobile)
            (instance ?LIST List)
            (forall (?X)
                    (inList ?X ?LIST)
                        (instance ?X PostalPlace)
                        (exists (?TRANSPORT)
                                (instance ?TRANSPORT Transportation)
                                (agent ?TRANSPORT ?AGENT)
                                (instrument ?TRANSPORT ?VEHICLE)
                                (destination ?TRANSPORT ?X)))))))))
Hotel.kif 2035-2053
    (instance ?SVC ShuttleService)
        (exists (?GRP1 ?GRP2)
                (instance ?GRP1 GroupOfPeople)
                (instance ?GRP2 GroupOfPeople)
                (patient ?SVC ?GRP1)
                (patient ?SVC ?GRP2)
                    (equal ?GRP1 ?GRP2)))) Possibility))
Hotel.kif 2055-2064

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