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Sigma KEE - SecurityOfficer
SecurityOfficer(intelligence officer)

appearance as argument number 1

(documentation SecurityOfficer EnglishLanguage "A MilitaryOfficer who is tasked with Managing other personnel to defend people and property, rather than in an offensive capability. Typical concerns are similar to LawEnforcement in stopping counterproductive behavior of own forces or incursions by covert enemy forces.") MilitaryPersons.kif 748-751
(subAttribute SecurityOfficer MilitaryOfficer) MilitaryPersons.kif 747-747 Intelligence officer is a subattribute of military officer

appearance as argument number 2

(termFormat EnglishLanguage SecurityOfficer "intelligence officer") MilitaryPersons.kif 769-769
(termFormat EnglishLanguage SecurityOfficer "security officer") MilitaryPersons.kif 752-752


    (attribute ?A SecurityOfficer)
    (hasPurpose ?A
        (exists (?LE)
                (instance ?LE LawEnforcement)
                (agent ?LE ?A)))))
MilitaryPersons.kif 754-760

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