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Sigma KEE - RelationExtendedToQuantities
RelationExtendedToQuantities(relation extended to quantities)Bernoulli_distribution, Gaussian_curve, Gaussian_distribution, Gaussian_shape, Kendall_partial_rank_correlation, Kendall_test, Poisson_distribution, arithmetic_mean, average, average_out, bell-shaped_curve, binomial_distribution, converge, correlation, correlation_matrix, correlation_table, correlational_statistics, covariance, curvilinear_correlation, diverge, expectation, expected_value, first-order_correlation, first_moment, frequency_distribution, geometric_mean, harmonic_mean, mean_deviation, mean_deviation_from_the_mean, median, median_value, modal_value, mode, moment, nonlinear_correlation, normal_curve, normal_distribution, partial_correlation, regression_equation, regression_of_y_on_x, second_moment, skew_correlation, spurious_correlation, standard_deviation, variance

appearance as argument number 1

(documentation RelationExtendedToQuantities ChineseLanguage " RelationExtendedToQuantities 是一个 Relation,如果它对一串 RealNumber 的参数值是真的,那么 他对一串有着和一些衡量单位幅度 ConstantQuantity 的实例也是真的。例如: lessThan 关系可延伸到数量 上, 意思是(lessThan ?QUANTITY1 ?QUANTITY2) 对于 ?QUANTITY1 和 ?QUANTITY2 所有的数量对, 当且仅当对于某些 ?NUMBER1,?NUMBER2 和 ?UNIT,?QUANTITY1 = (MeasureFn ?NUMBER1 ?UNIT), ?QUANTITY2 = (MeasureFn ?NUMBER2 ?UNIT)和(lessThan ?NUMBER1 ?NUMBER2),对于所有 ?QUANTITY1 和 ?QUANTITY2 可以量度的单位 ?UNIT。注:当一个 RelationExtendedToQuantitiesRealNumber 被延伸到 ConstantQuantity 的实例实时,该 ConstantQuantity 必须以相同的实物尺寸 来量度。") chinese_format.kif 2021-2029
(documentation RelationExtendedToQuantities EnglishLanguage "A RelationExtendedToQuantities is a Relation that, when it is true on a sequence of arguments that are RealNumbers, it is also true on a sequence of instances of ConstantQuantity with those magnitudes in some unit of measure. For example, the lessThan relation is extended to quantities. This means that for all pairs of quantities ?QUANTITY1 and ?QUANTITY2, (lessThan ?QUANTITY1 ?QUANTITY2) if and only if, for some ?NUMBER1, ?NUMBER2, and ?UNIT, ?QUANTITY1 = (MeasureFn ?NUMBER1 ?UNIT), ?QUANTITY2 = (MeasureFn ?NUMBER2 ?UNIT), and (lessThan ?NUMBER1 ?NUMBER2), for all units ?UNIT on which ?QUANTITY1 and ?QUANTITY2 can be measured. Note that, when a RelationExtendedToQuantities is extended from RealNumbers to instances of ConstantQuantity, the ConstantQuantity must be measured along the same physical dimension.") Merge.kif 3513-3525
(subclass RelationExtendedToQuantities InheritableRelation) Merge.kif 3511-3511 Relation extended to quantities is a subclass of inheritable relation
(subclass RelationExtendedToQuantities Relation) Merge.kif 3510-3510 Relation extended to quantities is a subclass of relation

appearance as argument number 2

(instance greaterThan RelationExtendedToQuantities) Merge.kif 1823-1823 greater than is an instance of relation extended to quantities
(instance greaterThanOrEqualTo RelationExtendedToQuantities) Merge.kif 1852-1852 greater than or equal to is an instance of relation extended to quantities
(instance lessThan RelationExtendedToQuantities) Merge.kif 1811-1811 less than is an instance of relation extended to quantities
(instance lessThanOrEqualTo RelationExtendedToQuantities) Merge.kif 1835-1835 less than or equal to is an instance of relation extended to quantities
(subclass BinaryRelationExtendedToQuantities RelationExtendedToQuantities) Geography.kif 649-649 Binary relation extended to quantities is a subclass of relation extended to quantities
(termFormat ChineseLanguage RelationExtendedToQuantities "延伸数量关系") chinese_format.kif 931-931
(termFormat EnglishLanguage RelationExtendedToQuantities "relation extended to quantities") english_format.kif 1069-1069


        (trichotomizingOn ?RELATION ?CLASS)
        (instance ?RELATION RelationExtendedToQuantities))
    (forall (?INST1 ?INST2)
                (instance ?INST1 ?CLASS)
                (instance ?INST2 ?CLASS))
                (?RELATION ?INST1 ?INST2)
                (?RELATION ?INST2 ?INST1)
                (equal ?INST1 ?INST2)))))
Merge.kif 3666-3678

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