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Sigma KEE - JavelinWeapon
JavelinWeapon(javelin weapon)

appearance as argument number 1

(documentation JavelinWeapon EnglishLanguage "The Javelin is a manportable, fire-and-forget antitank missile employed by dismounted infantry to defeat current and future threat armored combat vehicles. Its range of about 1.5 miles is more than twice that of its predecessor, the Dragon. The Javelin has secondary capabilities against helicopters and ground-fighting positions. It is equipped with an imaging infrared system and a fire-and-forget guided missile. The Javelin's normal engagement mode is top-attack to penetrate the tank's most vulnerable armor. It also has a direct-attack capability to engage targets with overhead cover or in bunkers. Its soft launch allows employment from within buildings and enclosed fighting positions. The soft launch signature limits the gunner's exposure to the enemy, thus increasing survivability. The Javelin is credited with helping U.S. Special Forces and Kurdish troops repel an Iraqi attack in April 2003 in one of the biggest tank battles of Operation Iraqi Freedom. Traveling in eight trucks, the coalition troops were met by surprise attack from an Iraqi brigade. The Special Forces used 19 Javelins against the Iraqis, who had 12 tanks and 24 armored personnel carriers. The shoulder-held anti-tank weapons stopped two T-55 tanks, eight personnel carriers, and four troop trucks even though not one of the U.S. soldiers had ever fired the weapon before the engagement. The Javelin consists of a missile in a disposable launch tube and a reusable Command Launch Unit (CLU) with a trigger mechanism and the integrated day/ night sighting device for surveillance, and target acquisition and built-in test capabilities and associated electronics. The CLU, powered by a disposable battery, provides the capability for battlefield surveillance, target acquisition, missile launch and damage assessment. The round consists of a disposable launch tube assembly, battery coolant unit, and the missile. The 3.5-foot-long missile locks on to the target before launch using an infrared focal plane array and on-board processing, which also maintains target track and guides the missile to the target after launch. A full-up system weighs 49.5 pounds. The U.S. Army awarded the Javelin contract in 1989 to Raytheon and Lockheed Martin, the weapon was deployed some seven years later. Since then at least nine other countries have selected the weapon for their arsenals. The Javelin is one of about 1,400 weapon systems supported by Defense Supply Center Columbus, which supplies several of the missile's spare parts to the U.S. Marine Corps through the Performance Based Logistics arrangement. Three DSCC organizations manage these parts - the Land-based Weapon Systems Group, the Commodity-based Application Group and the Maritime Weapon Systems Group. (from http:/ / federalvoice/ 040728/ weapon.html)") MilitaryDevices.kif 722-762
(externalImage JavelinWeapon " 7/ 7c/ Javelin3.jpg") pictureList.kif 2693-2693
(subclass JavelinWeapon AntiTankWeapon) MilitaryDevices.kif 719-719 Javelin weapon is a subclass of anti tank weapon
(subclass JavelinWeapon Missile) MilitaryDevices.kif 720-720 Javelin weapon is a subclass of missile

appearance as argument number 2

(termFormat ChineseLanguage JavelinWeapon "标枪武器") domainEnglishFormat.kif 31537-31537
(termFormat ChineseTraditionalLanguage JavelinWeapon "標槍武器") domainEnglishFormat.kif 31536-31536
(termFormat EnglishLanguage JavelinWeapon "Javelin anti-tank missile") MilitaryDevices.kif 2054-2054
(termFormat EnglishLanguage JavelinWeapon "javelin weapon") domainEnglishFormat.kif 31535-31535


    (instance ?JavelinWeapon JavelinWeapon)
    (effectiveRange ?JavelinWeapon
        (MeasureFn 1.5 Mile)))
MilitaryDevices.kif 773-776
    (instance ?JavelinWeapon JavelinWeapon)
    (weight ?JavelinWeapon
        (MeasureFn 49.5 PoundMass)))
MilitaryDevices.kif 766-769

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