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Sigma KEE - FeelerGauge
FeelerGauge(feeler gauge)

appearance as argument number 1

(documentation FeelerGauge EnglishLanguage "A Device used to measure small gaps. It is typically a Collection of several such gauges of varying thicknesses that a user places into the gap until one is found that fits with slight resistence, which indicates a good assessment of the size of the gap. A typical use is measure the gap between electrodes of a SparkPlug.") Cars.kif 2790-2794
(subclass FeelerGauge MeasuringDevice) Cars.kif 2788-2788 Feeler gauge is a subclass of measuring device

appearance as argument number 2

(termFormat EnglishLanguage FeelerGauge "feeler gauge") Cars.kif 2789-2789


    (instance ?FG FeelerGauge)
    (hasPurpose ?FG
        (exists (?TP ?M)
                (instance ?M Measuring)
                (instance ?TP TactilePerception)
                (subProcess ?TP ?M)
                (instrument ?M ?FG)))))
Cars.kif 2796-2804

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