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Sigma KEE - DustStorm
DustStorm(dust storm)
dust_storm, duster, sandstorm, sirocco

appearance as argument number 1

(documentation DustStorm ChineseLanguage "DustStorm 出现在 AridClimateZoneSemiaridClimateZone。它发生在当强 Wind 捲起 ParticulateMatter 或从它吹过 Dry 地面的 Sand ,并送到另外一个 Region。") Weather.kif 1256-1258
(documentation DustStorm EnglishLanguage "DustStorms happen in AridClimateZones or SemiaridClimateZones. They occur when a strong Wind carries ParticulateMatter or Sand from its underlying Dry surface and deposit it to another Region.") Weather.kif 1253-1255
(externalImage DustStorm " pictures/ weather/ pictures/ dust_storm.png") pictureList.kif 402-402
(subclass DustStorm Storm) Weather.kif 1252-1252 Dust storm is a subclass of storm

appearance as argument number 2

(subclass Haboob DustStorm) Weather.kif 1309-1309 Haboob is a subclass of dust storm
(subclass SandStorm DustStorm) Weather.kif 1297-1297 Sand storm is a subclass of dust storm
(termFormat ChineseLanguage DustStorm "尘暴") domainEnglishFormat.kif 20709-20709
(termFormat ChineseTraditionalLanguage DustStorm "塵暴") domainEnglishFormat.kif 20708-20708
(termFormat EnglishLanguage DustStorm "dust storm") domainEnglishFormat.kif 20707-20707


        (instance ?DUST DustStorm)
        (instance ?PLACE GeographicArea)
        (eventLocated ?DUST ?PLACE))
        (WhenFn ?DUST)
            (attribute ?PLACE BadAirQuality) Likely)))
Weather.kif 2599-2607
        (instance ?DUSTSTORM DustStorm)
        (instance ?WIND Wind)
        (subProcess ?DUSTSTORM ?WIND))
    (exists (?TRANSLOCATE ?PM ?SAND ?A1 ?A2 ?STRONG)
            (instance ?A1 LandArea)
            (eventLocated ?WIND ?A1)
            (surfaceWindSpeed ?A1
                (MeasureFn ?STRONG KnotUnitOfSpeed))
            (greaterThan ?STRONG 30.0)
            (instance ?TRANSLOCATE Translocation)
            (subProcess ?TRANSLOCATE ?DUSTSTORM)
            (objectTransferred ?TRANSLOCATE ?PM)
            (objectTransferred ?TRANSLOCATE ?SAND)
            (instance ?PM ParticulateMatter)
            (instance ?SAND Sand)
            (instance ?A2 LandArea)
            (destination ?TRANSLOCATE ?A2)
                (overlapsSpatially ?A1 ?A2)))))
Weather.kif 1274-1295
    (instance ?DUSTSTORM DustStorm)
        (exists (?AREA1)
                (instance ?AREA1 GeographicArea)
                (climateTypeInArea ?AREA1 AridClimateZone)
                (eventLocated ?DUSTSTORM ?AREA1)))
        (exists (?AREA2)
                (instance ?AREA2 GeographicArea)
                (climateTypeInArea ?AREA2 SemiaridClimateZone)
                (eventLocated ?DUSTSTORM ?AREA2)))))
Weather.kif 1260-1272

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