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Sigma KEE - Coffee
cafe_au_lait, cafe_noir, coffee, coffee_substitute, decaf, decaffeinated_coffee, demitasse, drip_coffee, ice_coffee, iced_coffee, instant_coffee, java, mocha, mocha_coffee

appearance as argument number 1

(documentation Coffee EnglishLanguage "A Beverage which is prepared by infusing ground, roasted coffee beans into water.") Food.kif 632-633
(externalImage Coffee " BW/ coffee.png") pictureList.kif 356-356
(initialPart Coffee CoffeeBean) Food.kif 634-634 Every coffee is initially part of a coffee bean
(relatedInternalConcept Coffee CoffeeGrindAttribute) Food.kif 630-630 Coffee is internally related to coffee grind attribute
(relatedInternalConcept Coffee CoffeeRoastAttribute) Food.kif 631-631 Coffee is internally related to coffee roast attribute
(roomTempState Coffee Liquid) Food.kif 629-629 roomTempState coffee and liquid
(subclass Coffee Beverage) Food.kif 628-628 Coffee is a subclass of beverage

appearance as argument number 2

(subclass Americano Coffee) Food.kif 1303-1303 Americano is a subclass of coffee
(subclass Cappuccino Coffee) Food.kif 1264-1264 Cappuccino is a subclass of coffee
(subclass Espresso Coffee) Food.kif 739-739 Espresso is a subclass of coffee
(subclass FlatWhite Coffee) Food.kif 1334-1334 Flat white is a subclass of coffee
(subclass Instant Coffee) Food.kif 1455-1455 Instant is a subclass of coffee
(subclass Latte Coffee) Food.kif 1387-1387 Latte is a subclass of coffee
(subclass LongBlack Coffee) Food.kif 1417-1417 Long black is a subclass of coffee
(subclass Lungo Coffee) Food.kif 764-764 Lungo is a subclass of coffee
(subclass Manilo Coffee) Food.kif 1454-1454 Manilo is a subclass of coffee
(subclass TurkishCoffee Coffee) Food.kif 1453-1453 TurkishCoffee is a subclass of coffee
(subclass VietnameseCoffee Coffee) Food.kif 1452-1452 VietnameseCoffee is a subclass of coffee
(termFormat ChineseLanguage Coffee "咖啡") domainEnglishFormat.kif 15488-15488
(termFormat ChineseTraditionalLanguage Coffee "咖啡") domainEnglishFormat.kif 15487-15487
(termFormat EnglishLanguage Coffee "coffee") domainEnglishFormat.kif 15486-15486
(typicallyContainsPart Caffeine Coffee) Food.kif 635-635 A coffee typically has a part caffeine


        (instance ?M Meal)
        (member ?H ?M)
            (instance ?H Coffee)
            (instance ?H Tea))
        (member ?J ?M)
        (instance ?J Juice)
        (member ?B ?M)
        (instance ?B BreadOrBiscuit)
        (member ?B ?M)
        (instance ?B Butter)
        (member ?JA ?M)
        (instance ?JA Jam))
    (attribute ?M ContinentalBreakfast))
Food.kif 1731-1746
    (instance ?C Coffee)
    (attribute ?C CaffeinatedAttribute))
Food.kif 637-639
    (instance ?C Coffee)
    (material DrinkingWater ?C))
Food.kif 641-643
    (subclass ?CLASS Coffee)
    (initialPart CoffeeBean ?CLASS))
Food.kif 645-647


    (instance ?C ElectricCoffeeMaker)
    (hasPurpose ?C
        (exists (?COFFEE ?M)
                (instance ?M CoffeeMaking)
                (instrument ?M ?C)
                (result ?M ?COFFEE)
                (instance ?COFFEE Coffee)))))
Food.kif 379-387
    (instance ?CM CoffeeMaking)
    (exists (?C)
            (instance ?C Coffee)
            (result ?CM ?C))))
Food.kif 657-662
    (instance ?CM CoffeeMaking)
    (exists (?R ?LM ?CG ?W ?F ?C)
            (subProcess ?R ?CM)
            (instance ?R Removing)
            (origin ?R ?LM)
            (instance ?LM LiquidMixture)
            (part ?W ?LM)
            (instance ?W DrinkingWater)
            (part ?CG ?LM)
            (instance ?CG CoffeeGrind)
            (instrument ?R ?F)
            (instance ?F Filter)
            (result ?R ?C)
            (instance ?C Coffee))))
Food.kif 686-701
    (instance ?COMPANY Coffeeshop)
    (exists (?SERVICE ?BEVERAGE)
            (instance ?SERVICE CommercialService)
            (agent ?SERVICE ?COMPANY)
            (instance ?SERVICE Selling)
            (patient ?SERVICE ?BEVERAGE)
            (instance ?BEVERAGE Coffee))))
Dining.kif 36-44
    (instance ?EM EspressoMaking)
    (exists (?C)
            (result ?EM ?C)
            (instance ?C Coffee))))
Food.kif 792-797

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