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Sigma KEE - AppraisalAsUndesirableConsequences
AppraisalAsUndesirableConsequences(appraisal as undesirable consequences)

appearance as argument number 1

(documentation AppraisalAsUndesirableConsequences EnglishLanguage "An appraisal that represents an evaluation that the expected consequences of an event are undesirable.") emotion.kif 410-412
(instance AppraisalAsUndesirableConsequences AppraisalOfDesirabilityOfConsequences) emotion.kif 418-419 Appraisal as undesirable consequences is an instance of appraisal of desirability of consequences

appearance as argument number 2

(relatedInternalConcept EmotionalState AppraisalAsUndesirableConsequences) emotion.kif 413-413 Emotional state is internally related to appraisal as undesirable consequences
(termFormat EnglishLanguage AppraisalAsUndesirableConsequences "appraisal as undesirable consequences") emotion.kif 414-415
(utterance EnglishLanguage AppraisalAsUndesirableConsequences "this has undesirable consequences") emotion.kif 416-417 utterance english language, appraisal as undesirable consequences and "this has undesirable consequences"

appearance as argument number 3

(exhaustiveAttribute AppraisalOfDesirabilityOfConsequences AppraisalAsDesirableConsequences AppraisalAsUndesirableConsequences) emotion.kif 397-398 Appraisal as desirable consequences are all the attributes of appraisal of desirability of consequences

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