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Sigma KEE - AegilopsGrass
AegilopsGrass(Aegilops grass)

appearance as argument number 1

(documentation AegilopsGrass EnglishLanguage "Aegilops is a genus of Eurasian and North American plants in the grass family, Poaceae. They are known generally as goatgrasses. It is a diploid (2 sets of chromosomes) goatgrass. Genus Aegilops has played an important role in the taxonomy of wheat. The familiar common wheat (Triticum aestivum) arose when cultivated emmer wheat hybridized with Aegilops tauschii about 8,000 years ago.[wikipedia]") Economy.kif 3832-3836
(subclass AegilopsGrass Grass) Economy.kif 3831-3831 Aegilops grass is a subclass of grass plant

appearance as argument number 2

(names "goat grass" AegilopsGrass) Economy.kif 3838-3838 Aegilops grass has name "goat grass"
(subclass AegilopsSpeltoides AegilopsGrass) Economy.kif 3854-3854 Aegilops Speltoides is a subclass of Aegilops grass
(subclass AegilopsTauschii AegilopsGrass) Economy.kif 3847-3847 Aegilops Tauschii is a subclass of Aegilops grass
(termFormat EnglishLanguage AegilopsGrass "Aegilops grass") Economy.kif 3837-3837


        (instance ?A AegilopsGrass)
        (part ?C ?A)
        (instance ?C ?CLASS))
    (subclass ?CLASS DiploidCell))
Economy.kif 3840-3845


        (instance ?COLL Collection)
        (memberType ?COLL Chromosome)
        (member ?M ?COLL)
        (part ?M EmmerWheatGrass))
    (exists (?A ?B ?X ?Y)
            (subCollection ?A ?COLL)
            (instance ?A HomologousChromosomeSet)
            (memberType ?A ?X)
            (initialPart ?X EinkornWheatGrass)
            (subCollection ?B ?COLL)
            (instance ?B HomologousChromosomeSet)
            (memberType ?B ?Y)
            (initialPart ?Y AegilopsGrass))))
Economy.kif 3879-3894

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