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Sigma KEE - disjointDecomposition

appearance as argument number 1

(documentation disjointDecomposition ChineseLanguage "C ClassdisjointDecomposition 是C的一组相互 disjoint 的子类别。") chinese_format.kif 1515-1516
(documentation disjointDecomposition EnglishLanguage "A disjointDecomposition of a Class C is a set of subclasses of C that are mutually disjoint.") Merge.kif 571-572
(documentation disjointDecomposition JapaneseLanguage "Class C の disjointDecomposition は、相互に disjoint であるCのサブクラスのセットである。") japanese_format.kif 80-81
(documentation disjointDecomposition SpanishLanguage "Una disjointDecomposition de una Class C es un conjunto de las subclases de C que son mutuamente dijoint.") spanish_format.kif 92-93
(domain disjointDecomposition 1 Class) Merge.kif 566-566 不相交分解, 1 and Class
(domain disjointDecomposition 2 Class) Merge.kif 567-567 不相交分解, 2 and Class
(instance disjointDecomposition Predicate) Merge.kif 564-564 不相交分解 and Predicate
(instance disjointDecomposition VariableArityRelation) Merge.kif 565-565 不相交分解 and VariableArityRelation
(relatedInternalConcept disjointDecomposition disjoint) Merge.kif 569-569 相關的內部概念 不相交分解 and 不相交的
(relatedInternalConcept disjointDecomposition exhaustiveDecomposition) Merge.kif 568-568 相關的內部概念 不相交分解 and 徹底分解

appearance as argument number 2

(format ChineseLanguage disjointDecomposition "%1 %n 分拆成不相交的 %*{2-}[,]") chinese_format.kif 287-287
(format EnglishLanguage disjointDecomposition "%1 is %n disjointly decomposed into %*{2-}[,]") english_format.kif 292-292
(format FrenchLanguage disjointDecomposition "%1 est %n disjointement decompos� en %*{2-}[,]") french_format.kif 166-166
(format ItalianLanguage disjointDecomposition "%1 è %n scomposto disgiuntivamente in %*{2-}[,]") relations-it.txt 76-76
(format JapaneseLanguage disjointDecomposition "%1 は %*{2-}[,] に disjointly decomposed %n") japanese_format.kif 1986-1986
(format PortugueseLanguage disjointDecomposition "%1 e' %n disjuntamente decomponivel em %*{2-}[,]") portuguese_format.kif 118-118
(format cb disjointDecomposition "%1 %n ay magtunga sa %*{2-}[,]") relations-cb.txt 110-110
(format cz disjointDecomposition "%1 %p{je} %n{nen�} disjointly decomposed into %*{2-}[,]") relations-cz.txt 186-186
(format de disjointDecomposition "%1 wird zusammenhanglos auf %*{2-}[,] %n{nicht} disjunkt") relations-de.txt 373-373
(format hi disjointDecomposition "%1 asanyukta ruupa se %*{2-}[,] men viyojita %n hai") relations-hindi.txt 116-116
(format ro disjointDecomposition "%1 %n{nu} decomposed%t{se descompune} disjointly%t{disjunct} în %*{2-}[,]") relations-ro.kif 186-186
(format sv disjointDecomposition "%1 är %n{inte} disjunkt nedbrutet till %*{2-}[,]") relations-sv.txt 173-173
(format tg disjointDecomposition "%1 %n ay maghati sa %*{2-}[,]") relations-tg.txt 168-168
(termFormat ChineseLanguage disjointDecomposition "不相交分解") domainEnglishFormat.kif 19854-19854
(termFormat ChineseLanguage disjointDecomposition "不相交的分拆") chinese_format.kif 288-288
(termFormat ChineseTraditionalLanguage disjointDecomposition "不相交分解") domainEnglishFormat.kif 19853-19853
(termFormat EnglishLanguage disjointDecomposition "disjoint decomposition") domainEnglishFormat.kif 19852-19852
(termFormat de disjointDecomposition "disjunkteAufspaltung") terms-de.txt 116-116
(termFormat tg disjointDecomposition "pagkakahati") relations-tg.txt 169-169


        (exhaustiveDecomposition @ROW)
        (disjointDecomposition @ROW))
    (partition @ROW))
Merge.kif 596-600
    (disjointDecomposition ?CLASS ?ROW1 ?ROW2 ?ROW3)
        (disjoint ?ROW1 ?ROW2)
        (disjoint ?ROW2 ?ROW3)
        (disjoint ?ROW3 ?ROW1)))
Merge.kif 2968-2973
    (disjointDecomposition ?CLASS @ROW)
    (forall (?ITEM)
            (inList ?ITEM
                (ListFn @ROW))
            (subclass ?ITEM ?CLASS))))
Merge.kif 2950-2955
    (disjointDecomposition ?CLASS @ROW)
    (forall (?ITEM1 ?ITEM2)
                (inList ?ITEM1
                    (ListFn @ROW))
                (inList ?ITEM2
                    (ListFn @ROW))
                    (equal ?ITEM1 ?ITEM2)))
            (disjoint ?ITEM1 ?ITEM2))))
Merge.kif 2957-2966
    (disjointDecomposition @ROW)
        (inList ?ELEMENT
            (ListFn @ROW))
        (instance ?ELEMENT Class)))
Merge.kif 574-578


    (partition @ROW)
        (exhaustiveDecomposition @ROW)
        (disjointDecomposition @ROW)))
Merge.kif 590-594

appearance as argument number 0

(disjointDecomposition Abstract Quantity Attribute Relation Proposition List) Merge.kif 1670-1670 不相交分解 Abstract, Quantity, Attribute, Relation, Proposition and List
(disjointDecomposition Arthropod Arachnid Myriapod Insect Crustacean) Merge.kif 14525-14525 不相交分解 Arthropod, Arachnid, Myriapod, Insect and Crustacean
(disjointDecomposition ColdBloodedVertebrate Amphibian Fish Reptile) Merge.kif 14547-14547 不相交分解 ColdBloodedVertebrate, Amphibian, Fish and Reptile
(disjointDecomposition CommissionedOfficerRank FlagOfficerRank FieldGradeOfficerRank CompanyGradeRank) Military.kif 283-284 不相交分解 委任軍官級別, 國旗官員級別, 現場等級軍官等級 and 公司等級排名
(disjointDecomposition ComputerStatus HostReady HostDown Booting) ComputingBrands.kif 3215-3215 不相交分解 電腦狀態, 準備好主持, 主持人 and 啟動中
(disjointDecomposition DifferentialEquation FirstOrderDifferentialEquation HigherOrderDifferentialEquation) engineering.kif 180-180 不相交分解 微分方程, 一階微分方程 and 高階微分方程
(disjointDecomposition DifferentialEquation OrdinaryDifferentialEquation PartialDifferentialEquation) engineering.kif 190-190 不相交分解 微分方程, 常微分方程 and 偏微分方程
(disjointDecomposition EnlistedSoldierRank PrivateRank NonCommissionedOfficerRank) Military.kif 269-269 不相交分解 士兵軍銜, 私人排名 and 非委任軍官級別
(disjointDecomposition Expressing ExpressingApproval ExpressingDisapproval) Mid-level-ontology.kif 12944-12944 不相交分解 Expressing, 表示贊同 and 表示不贊成
(disjointDecomposition GameArtifact GameBoard GamePiece) Mid-level-ontology.kif 16977-16977 不相交分解 遊戲神器, 遊戲板 and 遊戲片
(disjointDecomposition Invertebrate Worm Mollusk Arthropod) Merge.kif 14504-14504 不相交分解 Invertebrate, Worm, Mollusk and Arthropod
(disjointDecomposition LAN BusNetwork StarNetwork RingNetwork) QoSontology.kif 37-37 不相交分解 LAN, 公交網絡, 星網 and 環網
(disjointDecomposition Language AnimalLanguage HumanLanguage ComputerLanguage) Merge.kif 1406-1406 不相交分解 Language, AnimalLanguage, HumanLanguage and ComputerLanguage
(disjointDecomposition Mammal AquaticMammal HoofedMammal Marsupial Rodent Primate) Merge.kif 14581-14581 不相交分解 Mammal, AquaticMammal, HoofedMammal, Marsupial, Rodent and Primate
(disjointDecomposition NSAID Aspirin Ibuprofen Acetaminophen) Medicine.kif 3505-3505 不相交分解 NSAID, Aspirin, Ibuprofen and Acetaminophen
(disjointDecomposition NonCommissionedOfficerRank JuniorNCORank SeniorNCORank) Military.kif 306-306 不相交分解 非委任軍官級別, 初級NCO排名 and 高級NCO排名
(disjointDecomposition NonFloweringPlant Alga Fern Moss) Merge.kif 14410-14410 不相交分解 NonFloweringPlant, Alga, Fern and Moss
(disjointDecomposition Nutrient Protein Carbohydrate Vitamin) Merge.kif 14682-14682 不相交分解 Nutrient, Protein, Carbohydrate and Vitamin
(disjointDecomposition Phrase VerbPhrase NounPhrase PrepositionalPhrase) Merge.kif 15302-15302 不相交分解 Phrase, VerbPhrase, NounPhrase and PrepositionalPhrase
(disjointDecomposition PowerGeneration FossilFuelPowerGeneration HydroElectricPowerGeneration NuclearPowerGeneration OtherSourcePowerGeneration) Economy.kif 2087-2087 不相交分解 發電, 化石燃料發電, 水力發電, 核能發電 and 其他發電源
(disjointDecomposition Primate Ape Monkey Hominid) Merge.kif 14627-14627 不相交分解 Primate, Ape, Monkey and Hominid
(disjointDecomposition Relation BinaryRelation TernaryRelation QuaternaryRelation QuintaryRelation VariableArityRelation) Merge.kif 2160-2161 不相交分解 Relation, BinaryRelation, TernaryRelation, QuaternaryRelation, QuintaryRelation and VariableArityRelation
(disjointDecomposition Residence PermanentResidence TemporaryResidence) Merge.kif 15777-15777 不相交分解 住宅, 永久居留權 and 暫住
(disjointDecomposition Sentence Statement Supposition Question Request Order) Mid-level-ontology.kif 14231-14231 不相交分解 Sentence, 聲明, 假想, , 請求 and 訂購
(disjointDecomposition Tissue ConnectiveTissue MuscleTissue NervousTissue EpithelialTissue) Merge.kif 15125-15125 不相交分解 Tissue, ConnectiveTissue, MuscleTissue, NervousTissue and EpithelialTissue

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