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Sigma KEE - YouTube

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(documentation YouTube EnglishLanguage "YouTube is an American online video sharing and social media platform owned by Google. It was launched in February 2005 by Steve Chen, Chad Hurley, and Jawed Karim. It is the second most visited website, with more than one billion monthly users who collectively watch more than one billion hours of videos each day. As of May 2019, videos were being uploaded at a rate of more than 500 hours of content per minute.[from Wikipedia]") ComputingBrands.kif 4627-4633
(subclass YouTube WebSite) ComputingBrands.kif 4626-4626 子類 YouTube and WebSite

appearance as argument number 2

(creator GoogleCorporation YouTube) ComputingBrands.kif 4635-4635 GoogleCorporation created YouTube
(termFormat EnglishLanguage YouTube "YouTube") ComputingBrands.kif 4634-4634

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