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Sigma KEE - ComputerIODevice

appearance as argument number 1

(documentation ComputerIODevice EnglishLanguage "A ComputerIODevice is both a ComputerInputDevice and a ComputerOutputDevice.") ComputerInput.kif 120-121
(subclass ComputerIODevice ComputerInputDevice) ComputerInput.kif 119-119 子類 ComputerIODevice and 電腦輸入設備
(subclass ComputerIODevice ComputerOutputDevice) ComputerInput.kif 118-118 子類 ComputerIODevice and 電腦輸出設備

appearance as argument number 2

(subclass ComputerTerminal ComputerIODevice) ComputerInput.kif 123-123 子類 電腦終端 and ComputerIODevice
(subclass DiskDrive ComputerIODevice) ComputerInput.kif 731-731 子類 DiskDrive and ComputerIODevice
(subclass FlashDrive ComputerIODevice) ComputerInput.kif 794-794 子類 FlashDrive and ComputerIODevice
(subclass GameIODevice ComputerIODevice) ComputerInput.kif 615-615 子類 GameIODevice and ComputerIODevice
(subclass MemoryCard ComputerIODevice) ComputerInput.kif 802-802 子類 MemoryCard and ComputerIODevice
(subclass Modem ComputerIODevice) ComputerInput.kif 562-562 子類 Modem and ComputerIODevice
(termFormat EnglishLanguage ComputerIODevice "computer I/O device") domainEnglishFormat.kif 64673-64673


    (instance ?MD MountingADevice)
    (exists (?C ?P)
            (instance ?C Computer)
            (instance ?P ComputerIODevice)
            (patient ?MD ?C)
            (patient ?MD ?P)
                (WhenFn ?MD)
                (connectedEngineeringComponents ?C ?P))
                    (WhenFn ?MD))
                (connectedPeripheral ?P ?C)))))
ComputingBrands.kif 3801-3812

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