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Sigma KEE - CoffeeGrindAttribute

appearance as argument number 1

(documentation CoffeeGrindAttribute EnglishLanguage "CoffeeGrindAttribute is a Class of RelationalAttribute used to describe the particle size of the CoffeeGrind.") Food.kif 1059-1060
(subclass CoffeeGrindAttribute RelationalAttribute) Food.kif 1058-1058 子類 CoffeeGrindAttribute and RelationalAttribute

appearance as argument number 2

(instance CoarseGrind CoffeeGrindAttribute) Food.kif 1102-1102 CoarseGrind and CoffeeGrindAttribute
(instance ExtraCoarseGrind CoffeeGrindAttribute) Food.kif 1090-1090 ExtraCoarseGrind and CoffeeGrindAttribute
(instance ExtraFineGrind CoffeeGrindAttribute) Food.kif 1162-1162 ExtraFineGrind and CoffeeGrindAttribute
(instance FineGrind CoffeeGrindAttribute) Food.kif 1150-1150 FineGrind and CoffeeGrindAttribute
(instance MediumCoarseGrind CoffeeGrindAttribute) Food.kif 1114-1114 MediumCoarseGrind and CoffeeGrindAttribute
(instance MediumFineGrind CoffeeGrindAttribute) Food.kif 1138-1138 MediumFineGrind and CoffeeGrindAttribute
(instance MediumGrind CoffeeGrindAttribute) Food.kif 1126-1126 MediumGrind and CoffeeGrindAttribute
(relatedInternalConcept Coffee CoffeeGrindAttribute) Food.kif 630-630 相關的內部概念 咖啡 and CoffeeGrindAttribute
(relatedInternalConcept CoffeeRoastAttribute CoffeeGrindAttribute) Food.kif 448-448 相關的內部概念 CoffeeRoastAttribute and CoffeeGrindAttribute
(relatedInternalConcept DryRoastAttribute CoffeeGrindAttribute) Food.kif 109-109 相關的內部概念 DryRoastAttribute and CoffeeGrindAttribute
(termFormat EnglishLanguage CoffeeGrindAttribute "coffee grind attribute") Food.kif 1061-1061

appearance as argument number 3

(domain optimalGrindSizeForMakingCoffee 2 CoffeeGrindAttribute) Food.kif 724-724 optimalGrindSizeForMakingCoffee, 2 and CoffeeGrindAttribute


        (instance ?A CoffeeGrindAttribute)
        (attribute ?C ?A)
        (instance ?C CoffeeGrind))
    (exists (?L ?X)
            (grainSize ?C ?L)
            (instance ?X LengthMeasure)
            (equal ?X
                (MeasureFn ?L Millimeter)))))
Food.kif 1063-1073


    (instance ?CG CoffeeGrind)
    (exists (?B ?A ?C)
            (instance ?B CoffeeBean)
            (attribute ?B ?A)
            (instance ?A CoffeeRoastAttribute)
            (attribute ?CG ?C)
            (instance ?C CoffeeGrindAttribute))))
Food.kif 1044-1052

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