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appearance as argument number 1

(termFormat Hindi Abstract "amUrta") terms-hindi.txt 60-60
(termFormat Hindi Address "pataa") terms-hindi.txt 167-167
(termFormat Hindi Adjective "visheshana") terms-hindi.txt 240-240
(termFormat Hindi Adverb "kriyaavisheshana") terms-hindi.txt 241-241
(termFormat Hindi Advertising "vigyaapana karma") terms-hindi.txt 408-408
(termFormat Hindi AgeGroup "aayu samUha") terms-hindi.txt 273-273
(termFormat Hindi Agent "kartaa") terms-hindi.txt 55-55
(termFormat Hindi AlethicAttribute "") terms-hindi.txt 457-457
(termFormat Hindi Alga "shEvaala") terms-hindi.txt 176-176
(termFormat Hindi Amphibian "ubhayachara") terms-hindi.txt 195-195
(termFormat Hindi AnatomicalStructure "shaarIrika sanrachanaa") terms-hindi.txt 225-225
(termFormat Hindi AngleMeasure "koNa maapa") terms-hindi.txt 522-522
(termFormat Hindi AnimacyAttribute "") terms-hindi.txt 472-472
(termFormat Hindi Animal "pashu") terms-hindi.txt 180-180
(termFormat Hindi AnimalLanguage "pashubhaashaa") terms-hindi.txt 47-47
(termFormat Hindi AntisymmetricRelation "saamanjasya-virodhi sambandha") terms-hindi.txt 103-103
(termFormat Hindi Ape "puchchhahIna kapi") terms-hindi.txt 207-207
(termFormat Hindi April "aprEla") terms-hindi.txt 493-493
(termFormat Hindi AquaticMammal "jalIya stanapAAyI") terms-hindi.txt 199-199
(termFormat Hindi Arachnid "makadI") terms-hindi.txt 189-189
(termFormat Hindi AreaMeasure "kshetraphala maapa") terms-hindi.txt 518-518
(termFormat Hindi ArtWork "kalaakriti") terms-hindi.txt 262-262
(termFormat Hindi Arthropod "sandhipaada") terms-hindi.txt 188-188
(termFormat Hindi Article "anychchhaeda") terms-hindi.txt 253-253
(termFormat Hindi Artifact "shilpakriti") terms-hindi.txt 257-257

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