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Sigma KEE - utterance

appearance as argument number 1

(documentation utterance EnglishLanguage "A prototypical linguistic statement incorporating the concept in a phrase or sentence.") emotion.kif 189-190
(domain utterance 1 HumanLanguage) emotion.kif 191-191 utterance 的 1 数量 是 人类语言instance
(domain utterance 2 Entity) emotion.kif 192-192 utterance 的 2 数量 是 实体instance
(domain utterance 3 SymbolicString) emotion.kif 193-193 utterance 的 3 数量 是 符号串instance
(instance utterance TernaryRelation) emotion.kif 188-188 utterance三元关系instance

appearance as argument number 2

(termFormat EnglishLanguage utterance "utterance") domainEnglishFormat.kif 66073-66073

appearance as argument number 0

(utterance EnglishLanguage AestheticPleasure "aesthetic pleasure") emotion.kif 1163-1163 utterance 英语, AestheticPleasure and "aesthetic pleasure"
(utterance EnglishLanguage Amusement "amused") emotion.kif 1165-1165 utterance 英语, Amusement and "amused"
(utterance EnglishLanguage Anger "angry") emotion.kif 969-969 utterance 英语, 愤怒 and "angry"
(utterance EnglishLanguage Annoyance "annoyed") emotion.kif 699-699 utterance 英语, Annoyance and "annoyed"
(utterance EnglishLanguage Anxiety "anxious") emotion.kif 1171-1171 utterance 英语, 焦虑 and "anxious"
(utterance EnglishLanguage AppraisalAsAvoidableConsequences "there are consequences but they are avoidable") emotion.kif 288-289 utterance 英语, AppraisalAsAvoidableConsequences and "there are consequences but they are avoidable"
(utterance EnglishLanguage AppraisalAsBeingAtTheCentreOfAttention "I am at the centre of attention") emotion.kif 647-648 utterance 英语, AppraisalAsBeingAtTheCentreOfAttention and "I am at the centre of attention"
(utterance EnglishLanguage AppraisalAsCausedByAnother "this is being caused by someone else") emotion.kif 600-601 utterance 英语, AppraisalAsCausedByAnother and "this is being caused by someone else"
(utterance EnglishLanguage AppraisalAsCausedByChance "this is being caused by chance") emotion.kif 625-626 utterance 英语, AppraisalAsCausedByChance and "this is being caused by chance"
(utterance EnglishLanguage AppraisalAsCausedBySelf "this is being caused by me") emotion.kif 617-618 utterance 英语, AppraisalAsCausedBySelf and "this is being caused by me"
(utterance EnglishLanguage AppraisalAsCausedSupernaturally "this is being caused supernaturally") emotion.kif 608-609 utterance 英语, AppraisalAsCausedSupernaturally and "this is being caused supernaturally"
(utterance EnglishLanguage AppraisalAsCongruentWithIdeals "this is in line with my ideals") emotion.kif 465-466 utterance 英语, AppraisalAsCongruentWithIdeals and "this is in line with my ideals"
(utterance EnglishLanguage AppraisalAsDangerous "this is dangerous") emotion.kif 564-564 utterance 英语, AppraisalAsDangerous and "this is dangerous"
(utterance EnglishLanguage AppraisalAsDeliberate "this is being deliberately caused") emotion.kif 682-683 utterance 英语, AppraisalAsDeliberate and "this is being deliberately caused"
(utterance EnglishLanguage AppraisalAsDesirableConsequences "this has desirable consequences") emotion.kif 405-406 utterance 英语, AppraisalAsDesirableConsequences and "this has desirable consequences"
(utterance EnglishLanguage AppraisalAsExpected "this is expected") emotion.kif 533-533 utterance 英语, AppraisalAsExpected and "this is expected"
(utterance EnglishLanguage AppraisalAsFamiliar "this is familiar") emotion.kif 320-320 utterance 英语, AppraisalAsFamiliar and "this is familiar"
(utterance EnglishLanguage AppraisalAsJustTreatment "I am being treated justly") emotion.kif 366-367 utterance 英语, AppraisalAsJustTreatment and "I am being treated justly"
(utterance EnglishLanguage AppraisalAsNotBeingAtTheCentreOfAttention "I am not at the centre of attention") emotion.kif 654-655 utterance 英语, AppraisalAsNotBeingAtTheCentreOfAttention and "I am not at the centre of attention"
(utterance EnglishLanguage AppraisalAsNotCongruentWithIdeals "this is against my ideals") emotion.kif 479-480 utterance 英语, AppraisalAsNotCongruentWithIdeals and "this is against my ideals"
(utterance EnglishLanguage AppraisalAsNotDangerous "this is not dangerous") emotion.kif 560-560 utterance 英语, AppraisalAsNotDangerous and "this is not dangerous"
(utterance EnglishLanguage AppraisalAsNotExpected "this is not expected") emotion.kif 543-543 utterance 英语, AppraisalAsNotExpected and "this is not expected"
(utterance EnglishLanguage AppraisalAsNotFamiliar "this is not familiar") emotion.kif 327-327 utterance 英语, AppraisalAsNotFamiliar and "this is not familiar"
(utterance EnglishLanguage AppraisalAsNotPredictable "this is not predictable") emotion.kif 250-251 utterance 英语, AppraisalAsNotPredictable and "this is not predictable"
(utterance EnglishLanguage AppraisalAsNotSudden "this is not sudden") emotion.kif 586-586 utterance 英语, AppraisalAsNotSudden and "this is not sudden"

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