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Sigma KEE - successorAttribute

appearance as argument number 1

(documentation successorAttribute ChineseLanguage "(successorAttribute ?ATTR1 ?ATTR2) 的意思是在它们共同有的尺度上 Attribute ?ATTR2 是紧接着 ?ATTR1。") chinese_format.kif 1536-1537
(documentation successorAttribute EnglishLanguage "(successorAttribute ?ATTR1 ?ATTR2) means that ?ATTR2 is the Attribute that comes immediately after ?ATTR1 on the scale that they share.") Merge.kif 698-700
(domain successorAttribute 1 Attribute) Merge.kif 695-695 后续属性 的 1 数量 是 属性instance
(domain successorAttribute 2 Attribute) Merge.kif 696-696 后续属性 的 2 数量 是 属性instance
(instance successorAttribute AsymmetricRelation) Merge.kif 694-694 后续属性非对称关系instance
(instance successorAttribute BinaryPredicate) Merge.kif 693-693 后续属性二元谓语instance

appearance as argument number 2

(disjointRelation subAttribute successorAttribute) Merge.kif 675-675 子属性后续属性disjoint 关系
(format ChineseLanguage successorAttribute "%1 %n 是 %2 的直接后续属性") chinese_format.kif 323-323
(format EnglishLanguage successorAttribute "%1 is %n an immediate successor attribute of %2") english_format.kif 328-328
(relatedInternalConcept successorAttributeClosure successorAttribute) Merge.kif 723-723 后续属性闭包后续属性 是 内部相关
(relatedInternalConcept successorClass successorAttribute) Merge.kif 8931-8931 successorClass后续属性 是 内部相关
(termFormat ChineseLanguage successorAttribute "后续属性") chinese_format.kif 324-324
(termFormat ChineseLanguage successorAttribute "继承属性") domainEnglishFormat.kif 55864-55864
(termFormat ChineseTraditionalLanguage successorAttribute "繼承屬性") domainEnglishFormat.kif 55863-55863
(termFormat EnglishLanguage successorAttribute "successor attribute") domainEnglishFormat.kif 55862-55862


    (successorAttribute ?ATTR1 ?ATTR2)
    (successorAttributeClosure ?ATTR1 ?ATTR2))
Merge.kif 730-732

appearance as argument number 0

(successorAttribute BeaufortNumber0 BeaufortNumber1) Weather.kif 373-373 浦氏0风级浦氏1风级 的直接后续属性
(successorAttribute BeaufortNumber1 BeaufortNumber2) Weather.kif 382-382 浦氏1风级浦氏2风级 的直接后续属性
(successorAttribute BeaufortNumber10 BeaufortNumber11) Weather.kif 464-464 浦氏10风级浦氏11风级 的直接后续属性
(successorAttribute BeaufortNumber11 BeaufortNumber12) Weather.kif 473-473 浦氏11风级浦氏12风级 的直接后续属性
(successorAttribute BeaufortNumber2 BeaufortNumber3) Weather.kif 391-391 浦氏2风级浦氏3风级 的直接后续属性
(successorAttribute BeaufortNumber3 BeaufortNumber4) Weather.kif 401-401 浦氏3风级浦氏4风级 的直接后续属性
(successorAttribute BeaufortNumber4 BeaufortNumber5) Weather.kif 410-410 浦氏4风级浦氏5风级 的直接后续属性
(successorAttribute BeaufortNumber5 BeaufortNumber6) Weather.kif 419-419 浦氏5风级浦氏6风级 的直接后续属性
(successorAttribute BeaufortNumber6 BeaufortNumber7) Weather.kif 428-428 浦氏6风级浦氏7风级 的直接后续属性
(successorAttribute BeaufortNumber7 BeaufortNumber8) Weather.kif 437-437 浦氏7风级浦氏8风级 的直接后续属性
(successorAttribute BeaufortNumber8 BeaufortNumber9) Weather.kif 446-446 浦氏8风级浦氏9风级 的直接后续属性
(successorAttribute BeaufortNumber9 BeaufortNumber10) Weather.kif 455-455 浦氏9风级浦氏10风级 的直接后续属性
(successorAttribute ColdTemperature CoolTemperature) Mid-level-ontology.kif 25192-25192 ColdTemperatureCoolTemperature 的直接后续属性
(successorAttribute CoolTemperature WarmTemperature) Mid-level-ontology.kif 25198-25198 CoolTemperatureWarmTemperature 的直接后续属性
(successorAttribute CountryInTransition AdvancedEconomy) Economy.kif 512-512 转型国家发达经济 的直接后续属性
(successorAttribute DeluxeRoom Suite) Hotel.kif 1001-1001 DeluxeRoomSuite 的直接后续属性
(successorAttribute DevelopingCountry CountryInTransition) Economy.kif 511-511 发展中国家转型国家 的直接后续属性
(successorAttribute EF0 EF1) Weather.kif 2149-2149 改良藤田0改良藤田1 的直接后续属性
(successorAttribute EF1 EF2) Weather.kif 2157-2157 改良藤田1改良藤田2 的直接后续属性
(successorAttribute EF2 EF3) Weather.kif 2165-2165 改良藤田2改良藤田3 的直接后续属性
(successorAttribute EF3 EF4) Weather.kif 2173-2173 改良藤田3改良藤田4 的直接后续属性
(successorAttribute EF4 EF5) Weather.kif 2181-2181 改良藤田4改良藤田5 的直接后续属性
(successorAttribute FormerSovietOrEasternEuropeanCountry DevelopedCountry) Economy.kif 187-187 前苏联或东欧国家发达国家 的直接后续属性
(successorAttribute LessDevelopedCountry FormerSovietOrEasternEuropeanCountry) Economy.kif 209-209 较未发达国家前苏联或东欧国家 的直接后续属性
(successorAttribute LowIncomeCountry LowerMiddleIncomeCountry) Economy.kif 426-426 低收入国家中低收入国家 的直接后续属性

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