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Sigma KEE - permits

appearance as argument number 1

(documentation permits EnglishLanguage "A relation between an AutonomousAgent and Formula that it will not deter from becoming true. Note that permitting something does not entail that the AutonomousAgent necessarily desires it. It does entail that the AutonomousAgent would have power, at least to some degree, to prohibit it. For example, a government may permit smoking marijuana under some conditions (such as being of a certain ageOfMajority) without saying that it encourages its use, and it could at another time prohibit its use (if the voters approve a law making its use Illegal). Like punishes it also is an institutional relation. When an AutonomousAgent permits something it entails a Stating that it will not punish those who do what it permits.") Law.kif 39-48
(domain permits 1 AutonomousAgent) Law.kif 34-34 permits 的 1 数量 是 施事体instance
(domain permits 2 Formula) Law.kif 35-35 permits 的 2 数量 是 公式instance
(instance permits BinaryRelation) Law.kif 33-33 permits二元关系instance

appearance as argument number 2

(format EnglishLanguage permits "%1 permits %2") Law.kif 37-37
(termFormat EnglishLanguage permits "permits") Law.kif 36-36


    (permits ?A ?F)
        (prohibits ?A ?F)))
Law.kif 50-53


    (prohibits ?A ?F)
        (permits ?A ?F)))
Law.kif 73-76

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