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Sigma KEE - originalExpressedInLanguage

appearance as argument number 1

(documentation originalExpressedInLanguage EnglishLanguage "(originalExpressedInLanguage ?PROP ?LANG) means that Proposition ?PROP, the first time it was ever realized in a LinguisticExpression, was first expressed in Language ?LANG.") Music.kif 1442-1444
(domain originalExpressedInLanguage 1 Proposition) Music.kif 1447-1447 originalExpressedInLanguage 的 1 数量 是 命题instance
(domain originalExpressedInLanguage 2 Language) Music.kif 1448-1448 originalExpressedInLanguage 的 2 数量 是 语言instance
(instance originalExpressedInLanguage BinaryPredicate) Music.kif 1441-1441 originalExpressedInLanguage二元谓语instance

appearance as argument number 2

(format ChineseLanguage originalExpressedInLanguage "%1 之前是第一个 expressed 如同 %2 ") domainEnglishFormat.kif 4055-4055
(format ChineseTraditionalLanguage originalExpressedInLanguage "%1 之前是第一個 expressed 如同 %2 ") domainEnglishFormat.kif 4054-4054
(format EnglishLanguage originalExpressedInLanguage "%1 was first expressed as %2") domainEnglishFormat.kif 4053-4053
(termFormat EnglishLanguage originalExpressedInLanguage "original expressed in language") Music.kif 1445-1445


    (originalExpressedInLanguage ?PROP ?LANG)
    (exists (?PHYS ?TIME)
            (instance ?PHYS LinguisticExpression)
            (representsInLanguage ?PHYS ?PROP ?LANG)
            (equal ?TIME
                (WhenFn ?PHYS))
                (exists (?BEFORE ?OTHER)
                        (instance ?OTHER LinguisticExpression)
                        (represents ?OTHER ?PROP)
                        (equal ?BEFORE
                            (WhenFn ?OTHER))
                        (before ?BEFORE ?TIME)))))))
Music.kif 1450-1463

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