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Sigma KEE - actionTendency

appearance as argument number 1

(documentation actionTendency EnglishLanguage "A tendency of an emotion to cause a particular type of action.") emotion.kif 158-159
(domain actionTendency 1 EmotionalState) emotion.kif 156-156 actionTendency 的 1 数量 是 情绪状态instance
(domainSubclass actionTendency 2 EmotionalBehavioralProcess) emotion.kif 157-157 actionTendency 的 2 数量 是 EmotionalBehavioralProcesssubclass
(instance actionTendency BinaryRelation) emotion.kif 155-155 actionTendency二元关系instance

appearance as argument number 2

(termFormat EnglishLanguage actionTendency "action tendency") domainEnglishFormat.kif 66234-66234


        (holdsDuring ?T
            (attribute ?A ?ES))
        (actionTendency ?ES ?PI))
        (exists (?P)
                (instance ?P ?PI)
                    (WhenFn ?P) ?T)
                (experiencer ?P ?A))) Likely))
emotion.kif 161-172

appearance as argument number 0

(actionTendency Anger AngryFacialExpression) emotion.kif 186-186 actionTendency 愤怒 and AngryFacialExpression
(actionTendency Disgust DisgustedFacialExpression) emotion.kif 182-182 actionTendency Disgust and DisgustedFacialExpression
(actionTendency Fear FearfulFacialExpression) emotion.kif 183-183 actionTendency Fear and FearfulFacialExpression
(actionTendency Grief Weeping) emotion.kif 175-175 actionTendency Grief and
(actionTendency Happiness HappyFacialExpression) emotion.kif 184-184 actionTendency 幸福 and HappyFacialExpression
(actionTendency Happiness Laughing) emotion.kif 176-176 actionTendency 幸福 and
(actionTendency Happiness Smiling) emotion.kif 177-177 actionTendency 幸福 and 微笑
(actionTendency Sadness SadFacialExpression) emotion.kif 185-185 actionTendency Sadness and SadFacialExpression
(actionTendency Surprise JawDropping) emotion.kif 179-179 actionTendency 惊喜 and JawDropping
(actionTendency Surprise OpeningEyesWidely) emotion.kif 180-180 actionTendency 惊喜 and OpeningEyesWidely
(actionTendency Surprise RaisingEyebrows) emotion.kif 181-181 actionTendency 惊喜 and RaisingEyebrows
(actionTendency Surprise SurprisedFacialExpression) emotion.kif 174-174 actionTendency 惊喜 and SurprisedFacialExpression
(actionTendency Unhappiness Frowning) emotion.kif 178-178 actionTendency 不幸 and 皱着眉头

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