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Sigma KEE - USMilitaryRankE9special

appearance as argument number 1

(documentation USMilitaryRankE9special EnglishLanguage "A special USMilitaryRank above E9 that marks usually the end of carrier of non-commissioned officers.") Military.kif 473-475
(instance USMilitaryRankE9special SeniorNCORank) Military.kif 471-471 美国军衔e9特别高级NCO排名instance
(instance USMilitaryRankE9special USMilitaryRank) Military.kif 470-470 美国军衔e9特别美国军衔instance
(subAttribute USMilitaryRankE9special Soldier) Military.kif 472-472 美国军衔e9特别士兵subAttribute

appearance as argument number 2

(successorAttribute USMilitaryRankE9 USMilitaryRankE9special) Military.kif 469-469 美国军衔e9美国军衔e9特别 的直接后续属性
(synonymousExternalConcept "Chief Master Sergeant of the Air Force" USMilitaryRankE9special USAirforceRankingSystem) Military.kif 477-477
(synonymousExternalConcept "Command Sergeant Major of the Army" USMilitaryRankE9special USArmyRankingSystem) Military.kif 476-476
(synonymousExternalConcept "Master Chief Petty Officer of the Navy" USMilitaryRankE9special USCoastGuardRankingSystem) Military.kif 480-480
(synonymousExternalConcept "Master Chief Petty Officer of the Navy" USMilitaryRankE9special USNavyRankingSystem) Military.kif 479-479
(synonymousExternalConcept "Sergeant Major of the Marine Corps" USMilitaryRankE9special USMarineCorpsRankingSystem) Military.kif 478-478
(termFormat ChineseLanguage USMilitaryRankE9special "美国军衔e9特别") domainEnglishFormat.kif 60917-60917
(termFormat ChineseTraditionalLanguage USMilitaryRankE9special "美國軍銜e9特別") domainEnglishFormat.kif 60916-60916
(termFormat EnglishLanguage USMilitaryRankE9special "US military rank e9special") domainEnglishFormat.kif 60915-60915

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