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Sigma KEE - TeaPlant

appearance as argument number 1

(documentation TeaPlant EnglishLanguage "TeaPlant, Camellia, is a species of evergreen shrub or small tree in the flowering plant family Theaceae.Its leaves and buds are used to produce Tea. The Japanese tea, kukicha and bocha, are made using stems and twigs.") Economy.kif 4726-4728
(relatedInternalConcept TeaPlant TeaTree) Economy.kif 4725-4725 TeaPlant茶树 是 内部相关
(subclass TeaPlant EvergreenTree) Economy.kif 4723-4723 TeaPlantEvergreenTreesubclass
(subclass TeaPlant Shrub) Economy.kif 4724-4724 TeaPlant灌木subclass


        (equal ?T
            (OrganicObjectFn ?S))
        (subclass ?T TeaPlantAerialPart)
        (subclass ?S PlantStem))
    (initialPart ?S TeaPlant))
Economy.kif 4715-4721

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