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Sigma KEE - Suite

appearance as argument number 1

(documentation Suite EnglishLanguage "Suite describes an HotelRoom that has more than one Room within it") Hotel.kif 998-999
(instance Suite HotelRoomAttribute) Hotel.kif 997-997 SuiteHotelRoomAttributeinstance

appearance as argument number 2

(subAttribute ChildrenSuite Suite) Hotel.kif 1024-1024 ChildrenSuiteSuitesubAttribute
(subAttribute HoneymoonSuite Suite) Hotel.kif 1142-1142 HoneymoonSuiteSuitesubAttribute
(successorAttribute DeluxeRoom Suite) Hotel.kif 1001-1001 DeluxeRoomSuite 的直接后续属性
(successorAttributeClosure StandardRoom Suite) Hotel.kif 989-989 StandardRoomSuite 的后续属性
(termFormat EnglishLanguage Suite "suite") Hotel.kif 1000-1000


        (attribute ?X Suite)
        (instance ?X HotelUnit))
    (exists (?R1 ?R2)
            (instance ?R1 HotelRoom)
            (instance ?R2 HotelRoom)
            (orientation ?R1 ?X Inside)
            (orientation ?R2 ?X Inside)
                (equal ?R1 ?R2)))))
Hotel.kif 1003-1014
    (attribute ?X Suite)
    (exists (?AREA)
            (instance ?AREA SittingArea)
            (located ?AREA ?X))))
Hotel.kif 1016-1021

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