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Sigma KEE - ParkingBrake

appearance as argument number 1

(documentation ParkingBrake EnglishLanguage "A kind of brake chiefly designed to prevent motion from occuring in a stopped vehicle, although it can be used to slow a vehicle that is in motion. Most other types of brakes are designed to be used intermittently to slow a vehicle, or only temporarily to keep a vehicle stationary, while the driver is applying the brake. In contrast, most parking brakes employ some sort of ratcheting system so the parking brake may remain active even when the driver is not applying force to a braking actuator, or even being present in the vehicle. Typically, it is implemented as a DrumBrake in most modern passenger vehicles.") Cars.kif 556-563
(subclass ParkingBrake VehicleBrake) Cars.kif 554-554 ParkingBrake车辆制动器subclass
(typicallyContainsPart ParkingBrake DrumBrake) Cars.kif 565-565 DrumBrake typicallypart ParkingBrake

appearance as argument number 2

(termFormat EnglishLanguage ParkingBrake "parking brake") Cars.kif 555-555


        (instance ?P ParkingBrake)
        (instance ?V Vehicle)
        (holdsDuring ?T1
            (attribute ?P DeviceOn))
        (part ?P ?V))
    (hasPurpose ?P
        (holdsDuring ?T1
                (exists (?T)
                        (instance ?T Translocation)
                        (patient ?T ?V)))))))
Cars.kif 567-580

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