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Sigma KEE - ObjectAttitude

appearance as argument number 1

(disjoint ObjectAttitude PropositionalAttitude) Merge.kif 2656-2656 对象态度 和 % 2 是 disjoint
(documentation ObjectAttitude ChineseLanguage "这是一个 IntentionalRelation Class,它的 AgentPhysical 的实例有认知。") chinese_format.kif 1927-1928
(documentation ObjectAttitude EnglishLanguage "The Class of IntentionalRelations where the Agent has awareness of an instance of Physical.") Merge.kif 2658-2659
(subclass ObjectAttitude InheritableRelation) Merge.kif 2655-2655 对象态度可继承的关系subclass
(subclass ObjectAttitude IntentionalRelation) Merge.kif 2654-2654 对象态度有意图的关系subclass

appearance as argument number 2

(instance dislikes ObjectAttitude) Mid-level-ontology.kif 7100-7100 不喜欢对象态度instance
(instance enemy ObjectAttitude) MilitaryProcesses.kif 2448-2448 enemy对象态度instance
(instance needs ObjectAttitude) Merge.kif 2694-2694 需要对象态度instance
(instance wants ObjectAttitude) Merge.kif 2707-2707 想要对象态度instance
(termFormat ChineseLanguage ObjectAttitude "对象态度") chinese_format.kif 909-909
(termFormat EnglishLanguage ObjectAttitude "object attitude") english_format.kif 1025-1025


        (instance ?REL ObjectAttitude)
        (?REL ?AGENT ?THING))
    (instance ?THING Physical))
Merge.kif 2661-2665

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