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Sigma KEE - November

appearance as argument number 1

(documentation November ChineseLanguage "这是所有十一月 MonthClass。") chinese_format.kif 2805-2805
(documentation November EnglishLanguage "The Class of all Months which are November.") Merge.kif 9223-9223
(documentation November JapaneseLanguage "11月のすべての MonthClass。") japanese_format.kif 1546-1546
(externalImage November " f8/ PB090036.JPG") pictureList.kif 4934-4934
(subclass November Month) Merge.kif 9221-9221 十一月subclass
(successorClass November December) Merge.kif 9056-9056 successorClass 十一月 and 十二月

appearance as argument number 2

(successorClass October November) Merge.kif 9055-9055 successorClass 十月 and 十一月
(termFormat ChineseLanguage November "十一月") chinese_format.kif 1287-1287
(termFormat EnglishLanguage November "November") english_format.kif 1791-1791
(termFormat FrenchLanguage November "Novembre") french_format.kif 965-965
(termFormat Hindi November "navambara") terms-hindi.txt 500-500
(termFormat ItalianLanguage November "Novembre") terms-it.txt 504-504
(termFormat JapaneseLanguage November "11月") japanese_format.kif 2649-2649
(termFormat PortugueseLanguage November "Novembro") portuguese_format.kif 917-917
(termFormat cb November "nobembre") terms-cb.txt 506-506
(termFormat cz November "november") terms-cz.txt 540-540
(termFormat ro November "noiembrie") relations-ro.kif 986-986
(termFormat tg November "Nobyembre") terms-tg.txt 505-505


        (instance ?MONTH1
            (MonthFn November ?YEAR))
        (instance ?MONTH2
            (MonthFn December ?YEAR)))
    (meetsTemporally ?MONTH1 ?MONTH2))
Merge.kif 9229-9233
        (instance ?MONTH1
            (MonthFn October ?YEAR))
        (instance ?MONTH2
            (MonthFn November ?YEAR)))
    (meetsTemporally ?MONTH1 ?MONTH2))
Merge.kif 9215-9219
    (instance ?MONTH November)
    (duration ?MONTH
        (MeasureFn 30 DayDuration)))
Merge.kif 9225-9227


        (instance ?H Hanukkah)
        (equal ?B
            (BeginFn ?H)))
    (exists (?M)
            (temporalPart ?B ?M)
            (instance ?M Month)
                (instance ?M November)
                (instance ?M December)))))
Media.kif 587-597
    (instance ?T USThanksgivingDay)
    (exists (?M)
            (instance ?M November)
            (during ?T ?M))))
Media.kif 635-640


(dateEstablished AsiaPacificEconomicCooperation
    (DayFn 7
        (MonthFn November
            (YearFn 1989))))
Government.kif 2857-2857 7 Day亚太经济合作 的成立 date
(dateEstablished CentralEuropeanInitiative
    (DayFn 11
        (MonthFn November
            (YearFn 1989))))
Government.kif 2965-2965 11 Day中欧倡议 的成立 date
(dateEstablished EuroAtlanticPartnershipCouncil
    (DayFn 8
        (MonthFn November
            (YearFn 1991))))
Government.kif 3157-3157 8 Day欧洲大西洋伙伴关系委员会 的成立 date
(dateEstablished InternationalCriminalTribunalForRwanda
    (DayFn 8
        (MonthFn November
            (YearFn 1994))))
Government.kif 4214-4214 8 Day卢旺达国际刑事法庭 的成立 date
(dateEstablished InternationalEnergyAgency
    (DayFn 15
        (MonthFn November
            (YearFn 1974))))
Government.kif 3496-3496 15 Day国际能源机构 的成立 date
(dateEstablished InternationalFundForAgriculturalDevelopment
    (MonthFn November
        (YearFn 1974)))
Government.kif 3527-3527 十一月 month国际农业发展基金 的成立 date
(dateEstablished InternationalOrganizationForMigration
    (DayFn 5
        (MonthFn November
            (YearFn 1951))))
Government.kif 3587-3587 5 Day国际移民组织 的成立 date
(dateEstablished UnitedNationsCivilianPoliceMissionInHaiti
    (DayFn 28
        (MonthFn November
            (YearFn 1997))))
Government.kif 3896-3896 28 Day联合国海地民警特派团 的成立 date
(dateEstablished UnitedNationsDevelopmentProgram
    (DayFn 22
        (MonthFn November
            (YearFn 1965))))
Government.kif 3908-3908 22 Day联合国发展计划 的成立 date
(dateEstablished UnitedNationsEducationalScientificAndCulturalOrganization
    (DayFn 16
        (MonthFn November
            (YearFn 1945))))
Government.kif 3926-3926 16 Day联合国教育科学文化组织 的成立 date
(dateEstablished UnitedNationsIndustrialDevelopmentOrganization
    (DayFn 17
        (MonthFn November
            (YearFn 1966))))
Government.kif 4027-4027 17 Day联合国工业发展组织 的成立 date
(dateEstablished UnitedNationsOrganizationMissionInTheDemocraticRepublicOfTheCongo
    (DayFn 30
        (MonthFn November
            (YearFn 1999))))
Government.kif 4123-4123 30 Day联合国组织在刚果民主共和国的使命 的成立 date
(dateEstablished WestAfricanDevelopmentBank
    (DayFn 14
        (MonthFn November
            (YearFn 1973))))
Government.kif 4298-4298 14 Day西非开发银行 的成立 date
(dateEstablished WorldFoodProgram
    (DayFn 24
        (MonthFn November
            (YearFn 1961))))
Government.kif 4344-4344 24 Day世界粮食计划 的成立 date
(equal FallSeason
    (RecurrentTimeIntervalFn September November))
Geography.kif 1666-1666 秋季 equal九月十一月再次发生所需的时间

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