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Sigma KEE - MusicGenre

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(documentation MusicGenre EnglishLanguage "MusicGenre is a categorical construct that identifies musical sound as belonging to a particular category that can be distinguished from other types of music. They are attributes instead of subclasses of Music as the classification of a song to a particular genre is oftentimes arbitrary, as well as the fact that there are very closely related genres that oftentime overlap. It is applied to a MusicRecording instead of Music as a piece of Music can be reinterpreted as a different genre by different artists.") Music.kif 500-506
(subclass MusicGenre RelationalAttribute) Music.kif 499-499 MusicGenre关联属性subclass

appearance as argument number 2

(instance Acapella MusicGenre) Music.kif 517-517 AcapellaMusicGenreinstance
(instance AcidHouse MusicGenre) Music.kif 532-532 AcidHouseMusicGenreinstance
(instance AcidJazz MusicGenre) Music.kif 537-537 AcidJazzMusicGenreinstance
(instance AcidRock MusicGenre) Music.kif 545-545 AcidRockMusicGenreinstance
(instance AcousticMusic MusicGenre) Music.kif 551-551 AcousticMusicMusicGenreinstance
(instance AlternativeCountry MusicGenre) Music.kif 569-569 AlternativeCountryMusicGenreinstance
(instance AlternativeDance MusicGenre) Music.kif 575-575 AlternativeDanceMusicGenreinstance
(instance AlternativeRock MusicGenre) Music.kif 583-583 AlternativeRockMusicGenreinstance
(instance Ballad MusicGenre) Music.kif 588-588 BalladMusicGenreinstance
(instance Bebop MusicGenre) Music.kif 593-593 BebopMusicGenreinstance
(instance BigBandMusic MusicGenre) Music.kif 599-599 BigBandMusicMusicGenreinstance
(instance Bluegrass MusicGenre) Music.kif 604-604 BluegrassMusicGenreinstance
(instance BluesMusic MusicGenre) Music.kif 610-610 BluesMusicMusicGenreinstance
(instance ChamberMusic MusicGenre) Music.kif 615-615 ChamberMusicMusicGenreinstance
(instance ChristmasMusic MusicGenre) Music.kif 621-621 ChristmasMusicMusicGenreinstance
(instance ClassicalMusic MusicGenre) Music.kif 652-652 ClassicalMusicMusicGenreinstance
(instance CountryMusic MusicGenre) Music.kif 660-660 CountryMusicMusicGenreinstance
(instance ElectronicMusic MusicGenre) Music.kif 681-681 ElectronicMusicMusicGenreinstance
(instance EmoMusic MusicGenre) Music.kif 695-695 EmoMusicMusicGenreinstance
(instance FolkMusic MusicGenre) Music.kif 701-701 FolkMusicMusicGenreinstance
(instance FunkMusic MusicGenre) Music.kif 707-707 FunkMusicMusicGenreinstance
(instance HeavyMetal MusicGenre) Music.kif 713-713 HeavyMetalMusicGenreinstance
(instance HipHopMusic MusicGenre) Music.kif 720-720 HipHopMusicMusicGenreinstance
(instance IndieMusic MusicGenre) Music.kif 734-734 IndieMusicMusicGenreinstance
(instance JazzMusic MusicGenre) Music.kif 746-746 JazzMusicMusicGenreinstance

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        (instance ?ATTR MusicGenre)
        (attribute ?A ?ATTR))
        (instance ?A MakingMusic)
        (instance ?A MusicRecording)))
Music.kif 509-515

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