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Sigma KEE - Injecting

appearance as argument number 1

(documentation Injecting ChineseLanguage "这是用注射器把一样 BiologicallyActiveSubstance Inserting 进一个 AnimalHuman 体内。") chinese_format.kif 3040-3041
(documentation Injecting EnglishLanguage "Inserting a BiologicallyActiveSubstance into an Animal or a Human with a syringe.") Merge.kif 11435-11436
(documentation Injecting JapaneseLanguage "Animal または注射器を持つ HumanBiologicallyActiveSubstanceInserting 。") japanese_format.kif 1808-1809
(externalImage Injecting " f/ fb/ Injection_23.JPG") pictureList.kif 4735-4735
(subclass Injecting Inserting) Merge.kif 11433-11433 注射插入subclass

appearance as argument number 2

(biochemicalAgentDelivery BacillusAnthracis Injecting) WMD.kif 283-283 注射炭疽杆菌biochemical 病毒传递
(biochemicalAgentDelivery BurkholderiaMallei Injecting) WMD.kif 357-357 注射burkholderia malleibiochemical 病毒传递
(biochemicalAgentDelivery BurkholderiaPseudomallei Injecting) WMD.kif 373-373 注射burkholderia 假单胞菌biochemical 病毒传递
(biochemicalAgentDelivery ClostridiumTetani Injecting) WMD.kif 1507-1507 注射破伤风梭菌biochemical 病毒传递
(biochemicalAgentDelivery CrimeanCongoHemorrhagicFeverVirus Injecting) WMD.kif 1921-1921 注射克里米亚刚果出血热病毒biochemical 病毒传递
(biochemicalAgentDelivery DengueFeverVirus Injecting) WMD.kif 1641-1641 注射登革热病毒biochemical 病毒传递
(biochemicalAgentDelivery EasternEquineEncephalitisVirus Injecting) WMD.kif 1690-1690 注射东部马脑炎病毒biochemical 病毒传递
(biochemicalAgentDelivery HepatitisAVirus Injecting) WMD.kif 1783-1783 注射A型肝炎病毒biochemical 病毒传递
(biochemicalAgentDelivery HepatitisBVirus Injecting) WMD.kif 1795-1795 注射B型肝炎病毒biochemical 病毒传递
(biochemicalAgentDelivery HepatitisCVirus Injecting) WMD.kif 1806-1806 注射C型肝炎病毒biochemical 病毒传递
(biochemicalAgentDelivery JapaneseEncephalitisVirus Injecting) WMD.kif 1704-1704 注射日本脑炎病毒biochemical 病毒传递
(biochemicalAgentDelivery LaCrosseVirus Injecting) WMD.kif 1661-1661 注射拉克罗斯病毒biochemical 病毒传递
(biochemicalAgentDelivery MalarialPlasmodium Injecting) WMD.kif 1616-1616 注射疟疾疟原虫biochemical 病毒传递
(biochemicalAgentDelivery MarburgVirus Injecting) WMD.kif 1736-1736 注射马尔堡病毒biochemical 病毒传递
(biochemicalAgentDelivery MonkeypoxVirus Injecting) WMD.kif 1234-1234 注射猴痘病毒biochemical 病毒传递
(biochemicalAgentDelivery SaintLouisEncephalitisVirus Injecting) WMD.kif 1675-1675 注射圣路易斯脑炎病毒biochemical 病毒传递
(biochemicalAgentDelivery TickBorneEncephalitisVirus Injecting) WMD.kif 2025-2025 注射蜱传脑炎病毒biochemical 病毒传递
(biochemicalAgentDelivery WestNileVirus Injecting) WMD.kif 1628-1628 注射西尼罗河病毒biochemical 病毒传递
(termFormat ChineseLanguage Injecting "注射") domainEnglishFormat.kif 30151-30151
(termFormat ChineseTraditionalLanguage Injecting "注射") domainEnglishFormat.kif 30150-30150
(termFormat EnglishLanguage Injecting "injecting") domainEnglishFormat.kif 30149-30149

appearance as argument number 3

(biochemicalAgentAntidote NerveAgent Atropine Injecting) WMD.kif 561-561 神经毒剂 biochemical 病毒解毒制剂 阿托品 对于 注射
(diseaseMedicine Ondansetron Nausea Injecting) Medicine.kif 5086-5086 Ondansetron 是 对于 注射dis​​ease 治愈 Nausea
(diseaseMedicine Ondansetron Vomiting Injecting) Medicine.kif 5088-5088 Ondansetron 是 对于 注射dis​​ease 治愈 Vomiting
(diseaseMedicine RheumatoidArthritis Clarithromycin Injecting) Medicine.kif 3624-3624 RheumatoidArthritis 是 对于 注射dis​​ease 治愈 Clarithromycin
(diseaseMedicine RheumatoidArthritis Sarilumab Injecting) Medicine.kif 5269-5269 RheumatoidArthritis 是 对于 注射dis​​ease 治愈 Sarilumab


        (instance ?I Injecting)
        (instance ?A Adalimumab)
        (objectTransferred ?I ?A)
        (located ?I ?BP)
        (instance ?BP BodyPart)
        (destination ?I ?H))
        (exists (?T)
                (holdsDuring ?T
                    (attribute ?H
                        (PainFn ?BP)))
                (during ?T
                        (WhenFn ?I))))) Likely))
Medicine.kif 3628-3644
    (instance ?INJECT Injecting)
    (exists (?SUBSTANCE ?ANIMAL)
            (patient ?INJECT ?SUBSTANCE)
            (instance ?SUBSTANCE BiologicallyActiveSubstance)
            (attribute ?SUBSTANCE Liquid)
            (destination ?INJECT ?ANIMAL)
            (instance ?ANIMAL Animal))))
Merge.kif 11438-11446


    (holdsDuring ?T
            (attribute ?H InfectiousDisease)
            (attribute ?H Diabetes)
            (attribute ?H
                (ImpairedBodyPartFn Foot))))
    (holdsDuring ?T
        (diseaseMedicine InfectiousDisease Ertapenem Injecting)))
Medicine.kif 1374-1381
    (instance ?A InjectedAntibiotic)
    (hasPurpose ?A
        (exists (?I)
                (instance ?I Injecting)
                (objectTransferred ?I ?A)))))
Medicine.kif 1347-1353
    (instance ?EP EpiPen)
    (hasPurpose ?EP
        (exists (?I ?H ?A)
                (instance ?I Injecting)
                (instrument ?I ?EP)
                (destination ?I ?H)
                (experiencer ?A ?H)
                (instance ?A Anaphylaxis)
                    (WhenFn ?I)
                    (WhenFn ?A))))))
Medicine.kif 6378-6390
    (instance ?EP EpiPen)
    (hasPurpose ?EP
        (exists (?I)
                (instance ?I Injecting)
                (instrument ?I ?EP)))))
Medicine.kif 6370-6376

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