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Sigma KEE - Compressing

appearance as argument number 1

(documentation Compressing EnglishLanguage "Forcing some SelfConnectedObject into a smaller space than at the beginning of the action.") Cars.kif 1984-1985
(subclass Compressing Motion) Cars.kif 1982-1982 Compressing运动subclass

appearance as argument number 2

(subclass Crushing Compressing) Food.kif 962-962 CrushingCompressingsubclass
(termFormat EnglishLanguage Compressing "compressing") Cars.kif 1983-1983


        (instance ?AS AutomobileShock)
        (instance ?C Compressing)
        (instance ?H HoleRegion)
        (attribute ?F Fluid)
        (equal ?AS
            (HoleHostFn ?H))
        (contains ?AS ?F)
        (patient ?C ?AS))
    (exists (?T)
            (instance ?T Transfer)
            (objectTransferred ?T ?F)
            (path ?T ?H)
            (causes ?C ?T))))
Cars.kif 871-885
        (instance ?CPR CPR)
        (instance ?C Compressing)
        (path ?C ?P)
        (subProcess ?C ?CPR)
        (length ?P
            (MeasureFn ?L Centimeter)))
        (greaterThan ?L 5.0)
        (lessThan ?L 6.0)))
Medicine.kif 620-630
        (instance ?SCO SelfConnectedObject)
        (instance ?C Compressing)
        (patient ?C ?SCO)
                (WhenFn ?C))
            (measure ?SCO
                (MeasureFn ?N1 ?V)))
        (instance ?V UnitOfVolume)
                (WhenFn ?C))
            (measure ?SCO
                (MeasureFn ?N2 ?V))))
    (greaterThan ?N1 ?N2))
Cars.kif 1987-1999


    (instance ?C Crushing)
    (exists (?I ?C ?O)
            (instance ?I Impacting)
            (subProcess ?C ?I)
            (instance ?C Compressing)
            (patient ?I ?O)
            (patient ?C ?O)
            (instance ?O Object))))
Food.kif 969-978
    (instance ?CPR CPR)
    (exists (?C ?CH ?O)
            (instance ?C Compressing)
            (patient ?CPR ?O)
            (instance ?CH Chest)
            (part ?CH ?O)
            (patient ?C ?CH)
            (subProcess ?C ?CPR))))
Medicine.kif 609-618
    (instance ?GC GasCompressor)
    (hasPurpose ?GC
        (exists (?C ?G)
                (instance ?C Compressing)
                (attribute ?G Gas)
                (patient ?C ?G)
                (instrument ?C ?GC)))))
Cars.kif 5174-5182
    (instance ?PB PressureBandage)
    (hasPurpose ?PB
        (exists (?C)
                (instance ?C Compressing)
                (instrument ?C ?PB)))))
Medicine.kif 6024-6030
    (instance ?VCC VaporCompressionCycle)
    (exists (?CMP ?COND ?EV ?CMP2)
            (instance ?CMP Compressing)
            (instance ?COND Condensing)
            (instance ?EV Evaporating)
            (instance ?CMP2 Compressing)
            (subProcess ?CMP ?VCC)
            (subProcess ?COND ?VCC)
            (subProcess ?EV ?VCC)
            (subProcess ?CMP2 ?VCC)
                (WhenFn ?CMP)
                (WhenFn ?COND))
                (WhenFn ?COND)
                (WhenFn ?EV))
                (WhenFn ?EV)
                (WhenFn ?CMP2)))))
Cars.kif 2023-2043
    (instance ?X Paper)
    (exists (?MAKE ?CELL ?PRESS)
            (instance ?MAKE Making)
            (instance ?CELL Cellulose)
            (instance ?PRESS Compressing)
            (resource ?MAKE ?CELL)
            (result ?MAKE ?X)
            (subProcess ?MAKE ?PRESS)
            (patient ?PRESS ?CELL))))
Mid-level-ontology.kif 3562-3572

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