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Sigma KEE - City

appearance as argument number 1

(documentation City ChineseLanguage "这是一处地方相对小、由一个社区的人居住,并拥有某种政治架构的 LandArea。注:这个类别包括大城市和小规模的聚居处,如城镇、乡村和小村庄等等。") chinese_format.kif 3350-3351
(documentation City EnglishLanguage "A LandArea of relatively small size, inhabited by a community of people, and having some sort of political structure. Note that this class includes both large cities and small settlements like towns, villages, hamlets, etc.") Merge.kif 14246-14249
(externalImage City " Werle.gif") pictureList.kif 193-193
(externalImage City " Chicago_Downtown_Aerial_View.jpg") pictureList.kif 853-853
(subclass City GeopoliticalArea) Merge.kif 14244-14244 城市地缘政治区域subclass
(subclass City LandArea) Merge.kif 14245-14245 城市土地面积subclass

appearance as argument number 2

(instance AdanaTurkey City) CountriesAndRegions.kif 1392-1392 阿达纳土耳其城市instance
(instance AddisAbabaEthiopia City) CountriesAndRegions.kif 1394-1394 亚的斯亚贝巴埃塞俄比亚城市instance
(instance AdenYemen City) CountriesAndRegions.kif 1396-1396 腺也门城市instance
(instance AdoraWestBank City) CountriesAndRegions.kif 1398-1398 阿多拉西岸城市instance
(instance AfulaIsrael City) CountriesAndRegions.kif 1400-1400 阿富拉以色列城市instance
(instance AgriTurkey City) CountriesAndRegions.kif 1402-1402 阿格里土耳其城市instance
(instance AinDeflaAlgeria City) CountriesAndRegions.kif 1404-1404 Ain defla 阿尔及利亚城市instance
(instance AinElHajarAlgeria City) CountriesAndRegions.kif 1406-1406 Ain el hajar 阿尔及利亚城市instance
(instance AjaccioFrance City) CountriesAndRegions.kif 1408-1408 Ajaccio 法国城市instance
(instance AlBalamandLebanon City) CountriesAndRegions.kif 1410-1410 Al balamand 黎巴嫩城市instance
(instance AleiSinaiGazaStrip City) CountriesAndRegions.kif 1412-1412 Alei sinai 加沙地帶城市instance
(instance AleiZahavWestBank City) CountriesAndRegions.kif 1414-1414 Alei zahav 西方银行城市instance
(instance AleyLebanon City) CountriesAndRegions.kif 1416-1416 阿莱黎巴嫩城市instance
(instance AlgiersAlgeria City) CountriesAndRegions.kif 1418-1418 阿尔及尔,阿尔及利亚城市instance
(instance AlkhanYurtRussia City) CountriesAndRegions.kif 1420-1420 烷烃蒙古包俄罗斯城市instance
(instance AlonMorehWestBank City) CountriesAndRegions.kif 1422-1422 Alon城市instance
(instance AmbonIndonesia City) CountriesAndRegions.kif 1424-1424 安汶印度尼西亚城市instance
(instance AmmanJordan City) CountriesAndRegions.kif 1426-1426 安曼,约旦城市instance
(instance AnNuwaydiratBahrain City) CountriesAndRegions.kif 1428-1428 一个 nuwaydirat 巴林城市instance
(instance AndeanSpain City) CountriesAndRegions.kif 1430-1430 安第斯西班牙城市instance
(instance AngkorWatCambodia City) CountriesAndRegions.kif 1432-1432 吴哥窟柬埔寨城市instance
(instance AnkaraTurkey City) CountriesAndRegions.kif 1434-1434 安卡拉土耳其城市instance
(instance AntalyaTurkey City) CountriesAndRegions.kif 1436-1436 安塔利亚土耳其城市instance
(instance AntioquiaColombia City) CountriesAndRegions.kif 1438-1438 Antioquia 哥伦比亚城市instance
(instance AntwerpBelgium City) CountriesAndRegions.kif 1440-1440 安特卫普比利时城市instance

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appearance as argument number 3

(domain StreetAddressFn 3 City) Mid-level-ontology.kif 6709-6709 街道地址 的 3 数量 是 城市instance
(domain capitalCity 1 City) Government.kif 375-375 首都 的 1 数量 是 城市instance
(domain postCity 2 City) Mid-level-ontology.kif 24757-24757 postCity 的 2 数量 是 城市instance


        (located ?PLACE ?GEO)
        (instance ?PLACE PostalPlace)
        (instance ?GEO City))
    (postCity ?PLACE ?GEO))
Mid-level-ontology.kif 24763-24768 PostalPlacelocated 城市那个 PostalPlacePostalPlaceinstance那个 城市城市instance 若且唯若 那个 PostalPlace 是在 那个 城市
    (instance ?C City)
        (GovernmentFn ?C) CityGovernment))
Mid-level-ontology.kif 8333-8335 地缘政治区域城市instance 若且唯若 那个 地缘政治区域Government市政府instance
        (attribute ?X Historical)
        (instance ?X City))
    (exists (?EV)
            (instance ?EV Physical)
            (attribute ?EV Historical)
            (eventLocated ?EV ?X))))
Mid-level-ontology.kif 26594-26602
        (diplomaticRepresentationType ?AGENT1 ConsulGeneral ?AGENT2)
        (instance ?AREA2 City)
        (equal ?AGENT2
            (GovernmentFn ?AREA2)))
    (diplomaticOrganizationType ?AGENT1 ConsulateGeneral ?AGENT2))
Government.kif 4675-4680
        (instance ?CITY City)
        (part ?CITY France))
            (ResidentFn ?CITY))
            (ResidentFn Paris))))
CountriesAndRegions.kif 59-65
        (postNeighborhood ?PLACE ?NEIGHBORHOOD)
        (geographicSubregion ?NEIGHBORHOOD ?CITY)
        (instance ?CITY City))
    (postCity ?PLACE ?CITY))
Mid-level-ontology.kif 24683-24688
        (postPostcodeArea ?PLACE ?AREA)
        (geographicSubregion ?AREA ?CITY)
        (instance ?CITY City))
    (postCity ?PLACE ?CITY))
Mid-level-ontology.kif 24797-24802


    (instance ?DISTRICT CityDistrict)
    (exists (?CITY)
            (instance ?CITY City)
            (geopoliticalSubdivision ?DISTRICT ?CITY))))
Mid-level-ontology.kif 8080-8085 地缘政治区域市区instance 若且唯若 有存在 另一个 地缘政治区域 这样 那个 另外 地缘政治区域城市instance那个 地缘政治区域那个 另外 地缘政治区域 的地缘政治部分
    (headOfGovernment ?A Mayor ?H)
    (instance ?A City))
Government.kif 1640-1642
    (instance ?B CityBlock)
    (exists (?C)
            (instance ?C City)
            (part ?B ?C))))
Mid-level-ontology.kif 8221-8226

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