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Sigma KEE - AutomobileIgnitionSystem

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(documentation AutomobileIgnitionSystem EnglishLanguage "The system of an Automobile that is responsible for taking power from the Battery, increasing its voltage and sending it, with the appropriate timing, to the SparkPlugs so that sparks ignite the FuelVapor in the CombustionChambers of the Engine.") Cars.kif 3197-3201
(subclass AutomobileIgnitionSystem PhysicalSystem) Cars.kif 3195-3195 AutomobileIgnitionSystem物理系统subclass

appearance as argument number 2

(termFormat EnglishLanguage AutomobileIgnitionSystem "automobile ignition system") Cars.kif 3196-3196
(typicalPart IgnitionControlModule AutomobileIgnitionSystem) Cars.kif 3203-3203 IgnitionControlModule typicallyAutomobileIgnitionSystempart
(typicalPart SparkPlug AutomobileIgnitionSystem) Cars.kif 3206-3206 SparkPlug typicallyAutomobileIgnitionSystempart
(typicallyContainsPart IgnitionControlModule AutomobileIgnitionSystem) Cars.kif 3204-3204 AutomobileIgnitionSystem typicallypart IgnitionControlModule
(typicallyContainsPart SparkPlug AutomobileIgnitionSystem) Cars.kif 3207-3207 AutomobileIgnitionSystem typicallypart SparkPlug

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