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Sigma KEE - Agent
AgentFour_Horsemen, Grace, Rhadamanthus, Vajra, Zurvan, aeon, apparition, autonomous, besieger, bogey, bogie, bogy, cacodaemon, cacodemon, causal_agency, causal_agent, cause, cause_of_death, control, demiurge, destiny, deus_ex_machina, eon, eudaemon, eudemon, fantasm, fate, first_cause, ghoul, good_spirit, harasser, hoister, incarnate, jockey, juggernaut, killer, life_principle, mascot, nature, numen, occult, phantasm, phantasma, phantom, presence, prime_mover, primum_mobile, specter, spectre, spirit...

appearance as argument number 1

(documentation Agent JapaneseLanguage "自分で行動でき、さらに世界に変化をもたらす何か、もしくは 誰か。") japanese_format.kif 275-276
(documentation Agent SpanishLanguage "Algo o alguien que puede actuar por cuenta propia y producir cambios en el mundo.") spanish_format.kif 325-326

appearance as argument number 2

(termFormat FrenchLanguage Agent "agent") french_format.kif 524-524
(termFormat Hindi Agent "kartaa") terms-hindi.txt 55-55
(termFormat ItalianLanguage Agent "Agente") terms-it.txt 58-58
(termFormat JapaneseLanguage Agent "代理(人)") japanese_format.kif 2209-2209
(termFormat PortugueseLanguage Agent "Agente") portuguese_format.kif 476-476
(termFormat cb Agent "ahente") terms-cb.txt 60-60
(termFormat cz Agent "agent") terms-cz.txt 91-91
(termFormat ro Agent "agent") relations-ro.kif 545-545
(termFormat tg Agent "kinatawan") terms-tg.txt 59-59


    (instance ?AT ApplyingTourniquet)
    (exists (?A ?P ?T)
            (instance ?A Agent)
            (instance ?P Mammal)
                (WhenFn ?AT)
                (attribute ?T Tourniquet))
            (destination ?AT ?P)
            (agent ?AT ?A)
            (objectTransferred ?AT ?T))))
Medicine.kif 67-78

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