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Sigma KEE - TraitAttribute
TraitAttribute(trait attribute)Americanism, Anglophobia, Jekyll_and_Hyde, Puritanism, abruptness, abstemiousness, abstention, abstinence, acceptance, accessibility, accumulative, acerbity, acquiescent, acquisitive, acrimony, action, adamance, addicted, adjusted, adventuresome, adventurous, adventurousness, affability, affableness, aggression, aggressiveness, agreeability, agreeableness, alcohol-dependent, alcoholic, allegiance, aloneness, aloof, aloofness, altruistic, ambitious, ambiversion, ambiversive, amenability, amenableness, amiability, amiable, amiableness, amicability, amicableness, amity, anal_personality, anal_retentive_personality, animalism, anthropocentricity...

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(documentation TraitAttribute ChineseLanguage "这是表示 Organism 行为/个性特质的 Attribute。") chinese_format.kif 4047-4048
(documentation TraitAttribute EnglishLanguage "Attributes that indicate the the behavior/ personality traits of an Organism.") Merge.kif 18084-18085
(subclass TraitAttribute PsychologicalAttribute) Merge.kif 18083-18083 Trait attribute is a subclass of psychological attribute

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(subclass LiteracyAttribute TraitAttribute) Mid-level-ontology.kif 14525-14525 Literacy attribute is a subclass of trait attribute
(termFormat ChineseLanguage TraitAttribute "特征属性") chinese_format.kif 1269-1269
(termFormat EnglishLanguage TraitAttribute "trait attribute") english_format.kif 1759-1759

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(partition PsychologicalAttribute StateOfMind TraitAttribute) Merge.kif 17991-17991 Psychological attribute is exhaustively partitioned into state of mind and trait attribute

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