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Sigma KEE - SexualReproduction
SexualReproduction(sexual reproduction)amphimixis, anal_intercourse, anal_sex, anisogametic, anisogamic, anisogamous, anisogamy, ass, assortative_mating, autosexing, backcross, bang, bang_up, be_intimate, bear, bed, beget, bestiality, birth, bisexuality, bondage, bonk, breed, breeding, bring_forth, bugger, buggery, capacitate, carnal_knowledge, carnalise, carnalize, carry, carry_to_term, cattle_breeding, celibacy, chastity, coital, coition, coitus, conceive, conception, congress, conjugation, consummate, copulate, copulation, copulatory, couple, coupling, cover...

appearance as argument number 1

(disjoint SexualReproduction AsexualReproduction) Merge.kif 10249-10249 Sexual reproduction is disjoint from asexual reproduction
(documentation SexualReproduction ChineseLanguage "这是有性的生物繁殖 Process。") chinese_format.kif 2918-2918
(documentation SexualReproduction EnglishLanguage "Sexual Processes of biological reproduction.") Merge.kif 10251-10252
(subclass SexualReproduction Replication) Merge.kif 10248-10248 Sexual reproduction is a subclass of replication

appearance as argument number 2

(biochemicalAgentDelivery HIVVirus SexualReproduction) WMD.kif 1339-1339 Sexual reproduction is a biochemical agent delivery of HIV virus
(relatedInternalConcept BiologicalConception SexualReproduction) Mid-level-ontology.kif 23566-23566 Biological conception is internally related to sexual reproduction
(termFormat ChineseLanguage SexualReproduction "有性繁殖") chinese_format.kif 1084-1084
(termFormat EnglishLanguage SexualReproduction "sexual reproduction") english_format.kif 1379-1379


        (instance ?REP SexualReproduction)
        (result ?REP ?ORGANISM))
    (exists (?MOTHER ?FATHER)
            (mother ?ORGANISM ?MOTHER)
            (father ?ORGANISM ?FATHER))))
Merge.kif 10254-10261
        (parent ?CHILD ?PARENT)
        (instance ?REP SexualReproduction)
        (agent ?REP ?PARENT)
        (result ?REP ?CHILD))
        (mother ?CHILD ?PARENT)
        (father ?CHILD ?PARENT)))
Merge.kif 16132-16140
    (instance ?SR SexualReproduction)
    (exists (?C)
            (instance ?C BiologicalConception)
            (subProcess ?C ?SR))))
Mid-level-ontology.kif 23572-23577


    (instance ?E BirdEgg)
    (exists (?SR ?B)
            (instance ?SR SexualReproduction)
            (agent ?SR ?B)
            (instance ?B Bird)
            (result ?SR ?E))))
Mid-level-ontology.kif 23599-23606
    (instance ?MULE Mule)
        (capability SexualReproduction agent ?MULE)))
Mid-level-ontology.kif 19565-19568

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