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Sigma KEE - Iceberg
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berg, growler, iceberg

appearance as argument number 1

(documentation Iceberg ChineseLanguage "Iceberg 是一大块 Ice,它从Glacier 脱落丢进 BodyOfWater。大部分 (part)的 Iceberg 悬浮在水中。") Geography.kif 4637-4638
(documentation Iceberg EnglishLanguage "An Iceberg is a large chunk of Ice that has broken off from a Glacier and fallen into a BodyOfWater. The larger part of an Iceberg floats underwater.") Geography.kif 4634-4636
(externalImage Iceberg " 4b/ Greenland,_Iceberg's_window_(js)1.jpg") pictureList-ImageNet.kif 659-659
(externalImage Iceberg " 7c/ Greenland,_iceberg,_Kong_Oscar_Fjord_(js)1.jpg") pictureList-ImageNet.kif 662-662
(externalImage Iceberg " 92/ Iceberg_recently_calved_upernavik_2007-08-17_1.jpg") pictureList-ImageNet.kif 660-660
(externalImage Iceberg " a/ ab/ 20071002200641!Iceberg_with_hole_near_sanderson_hope_2007-07-28_1.jpg") pictureList-ImageNet.kif 654-654
(externalImage Iceberg " a/ ab/ 20080228203349!Fram_approaching_in_front_of_iceberg_upernavik_2007-08-19_1.jpg") pictureList-ImageNet.kif 657-657
(externalImage Iceberg " e9/ Carlb-newfoundland-iceberg-2002.jpg") pictureList.kif 900-900
(externalImage Iceberg " 3/ 32/ Iceberg_with_hole_near_sanderson_hope_2007-07-28_2.jpg/ 523px-Iceberg_with_hole_near_sanderson_hope_2007-07-28_2.jpg") pictureList-ImageNet.kif 663-663
(externalImage Iceberg " 7/ 70/ Iceberg_drifting_towards_upernavik_2007-07-31.jpg/ 480px-Iceberg_drifting_towards_upernavik_2007-07-31.jpg") pictureList-ImageNet.kif 658-658
(externalImage Iceberg " a/ aa/ Iceberg_with_hole_edit.jpg/ 250px-Iceberg_with_hole_edit.jpg") pictureList-ImageNet.kif 655-655
(externalImage Iceberg " b/ bb/ Iceberg-icone2.svg/ 400px-Iceberg-icone2.svg.png") pictureList-ImageNet.kif 656-656
(externalImage Iceberg "") pictureList.kif 863-863
(subclass Iceberg Ice) Geography.kif 4630-4630 Iceberg is a subclass of ice
(subclass Iceberg SelfConnectedObject) Geography.kif 4631-4631 Iceberg is a subclass of self connected object

appearance as argument number 2

(naturalHazardTypeInArea SouthernOcean Iceberg) Geography.kif 4587-4587 Iceberg is a natural hazard type in area of southern ocean
(termFormat ChineseLanguage Iceberg "冰山") domainEnglishFormat.kif 29111-29111
(termFormat ChineseTraditionalLanguage Iceberg "冰山") domainEnglishFormat.kif 29110-29110
(termFormat EnglishLanguage Iceberg "iceberg") domainEnglishFormat.kif 29109-29109


        (instance ?BERG Iceberg)
        (instance ?SHIP WaterVehicle))
    (maritimeHazard ?BERG ?SHIP))
Geography.kif 4659-4663
    (instance ?BERG Iceberg)
    (exists (?PART ?WATER)
            (instance ?PART Ice)
            (most ?PART ?BERG)
            (instance ?WATER BodyOfWater)
            (covers ?WATER ?PART))))
Geography.kif 4650-4657
    (instance ?BERG Iceberg)
    (exists (?SHEET)
            (subclass ?SHEET Glacier)
                    (WhenFn ?BERG))
                (material ?SHEET ?BERG)))))
Geography.kif 4640-4648

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