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Sigma KEE - Growth
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accrete, afforest, age, ageing, aging, angiogenesis, apposition, auxesis, auxetic, avianise, avianize, bloom, blossom, blossom_forth, blossom_out, bourgeon, brood, bud, burgeon_forth, burst_forth, callus, carnify, carry, catabiosis, chondrify, cohesion, come_of_age, cover, crop, culture, cut, cytogenetic, cytogenetical, degeneration, dehisce, dentition, development, developmental, developmentally, differentiate, domesticate, effloresce, etiolate, exfoliate, feather, fledge, flower, foliate, forest, fructify...

appearance as argument number 1

(documentation Growth ChineseLanguage "这是当 OrganismOrganism 的一部分改变它的形状或 大小时的生物发展 Process。") chinese_format.kif 2914-2915
(documentation Growth EnglishLanguage "The Process of biological development in which an Organism or part of an Organism changes its form or its size.") Merge.kif 10226-10227
(externalImage Growth " Life_cycle_of_Escherichia_coli.png") pictureList.kif 11121-11121
(externalImage Growth " Advanced_stages_of_pregnancy.jpg") pictureList.kif 11122-11122
(externalImage Growth " Elefetusus.jpg") pictureList.kif 11123-11123
(externalImage Growth " Aging_faces_manitou2121.jpg") pictureList.kif 11120-11120
(externalImage Growth " Three_cell_growth_types.png") pictureList.kif 10048-10048
(externalImage Growth "") pictureList.kif 11119-11119
(subclass Growth AutonomicProcess) Merge.kif 10224-10224 Growth is a subclass of autonomic process

appearance as argument number 2

(termFormat ChineseLanguage Growth "生长") chinese_format.kif 1082-1082
(termFormat EnglishLanguage Growth "growth") english_format.kif 1375-1375


    (attribute ?OBJ FullyFormed)
    (exists (?GROWTH)
            (instance ?GROWTH Growth)
            (experiencer ?GROWTH ?OBJ)
                    (WhenFn ?OBJ))
                (attribute ?OBJ NonFullyFormed)))))
Merge.kif 17878-17884
    (instance ?AGRO Agriculture)
    (exists (?GROWTH)
            (instance ?GROWTH Growth)
            (subProcess ?GROWTH ?AGRO))))
Mid-level-ontology.kif 20247-20252

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