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Sigma KEE - AuthoritarianRegime
AuthoritarianRegime(authoritarian regime)authoritarian_regime, authoritarian_state

appearance as argument number 1

(contraryAttribute AuthoritarianRegime MultipartyDemocracy) Government.kif 336-336 Authoritarian regime is the opposite of multiparty democracy
(documentation AuthoritarianRegime EnglishLanguage "AuthoritarianRegime is the attribute of a government that rules autocratically, not allowing opposition.") Government.kif 321-323
(instance AuthoritarianRegime FormOfGovernment) Government.kif 181-181 Authoritarian regime is an instance of form of government

appearance as argument number 2

(contraryAttribute FederalGovernment AuthoritarianRegime) Government.kif 285-285 Federal government is the opposite of authoritarian regime
(subAttribute AbsoluteMonarchy AuthoritarianRegime) Government.kif 327-327 Absolute monarchy is a subattribute of authoritarian regime
(subAttribute AuthoritarianSocialist AuthoritarianRegime) Government.kif 329-329 Authoritarian socialist is a subattribute of authoritarian regime
(subAttribute CommunistState AuthoritarianRegime) Government.kif 328-328 Communist state is a subattribute of authoritarian regime
(subAttribute Dictatorship AuthoritarianRegime) Government.kif 325-325 Dictatorship is a subattribute of authoritarian regime
(subAttribute TheocraticGovernment AuthoritarianRegime) Government.kif 330-330 Theocratic government is a subattribute of authoritarian regime
(termFormat ChineseLanguage AuthoritarianRegime "威权政权") domainEnglishFormat.kif 9144-9144
(termFormat ChineseTraditionalLanguage AuthoritarianRegime "威權政權") domainEnglishFormat.kif 9143-9143
(termFormat EnglishLanguage AuthoritarianRegime "authoritarian regime") domainEnglishFormat.kif 9142-9142

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