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Khimar (khimar) internetCountryCode (internet country code)
Khitan (khitan) intialPart (intialPart)
KhmerLanguage (Khmer language) invadingVirus (invading virus)
KhobarSaudiArabia (khobar saudi arabia) inventory (inventory)
KhoisanLanguage (khoisan language) inverse (inverse)
KhunsariLanguage (khunsari language) involvedInEvent (involved in event)
KibbutzGalEdIsrael (kibbutz gal ed israel) ipAddressOf (ip address of)
KibbutzMeravIsrael (kibbutz merav israel) ipOfDomain (IP of domain)
KibbutzSheluhotIsrael (kibbutz sheluhot israel) irreflexiveOn (irreflexiveOn)
KibiriLanguage (kibiri language) irrigatedLandArea (irrigated land area)
Kicking (kicking) issuedBy (issued by)
KidapawanPhilippines (kidapawan philippines) jailer (jailer)
Kidnapping (kidnapping) judge (judge)
Kidney (kidney) judicialBranch (judicial branch)
KidneyDialysisCenters (kidney dialysis centers) keyName (key name)
Kif: kif:
KigaliRwanda (kigali rwanda) knows (knows)
KikaiLanguage (kikai language) laborForceFractionByOccupation (labor force fraction by occupation)
Killing (killing) laborForceFractionByOccupationInPeriod (labor force fraction by occupation in period)
KiloByte (kilo byte) laborForceTotal (labor force total)
KiloFn (kilo) laborForceTotalInPeriod (labor force total in period)
Kilogram (kilogram) lacks (lacks)
Kilometer (kilometer) ladenDraft (laden draft)
KilowattHour (kilowatt hour) landAreaOnly (land area only)
King (king) landlord (landlord)
KingBed (king-sized bed) language (language)
KingmanReef (kingman reef) languagePercentInRegion (language percent in region)
KinyarwandaLanguage (Kinyarwanda language) larger (larger)
KiowaTanoanLanguage (kiowa tanoan language) lastRenovation (last renovation)
Kiribati (kiribati) lastStatement (last statement)
KiribatiDollar (kiribati dollar) lastStatementBalance (last statement balance)
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