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Sigma KEE - ShoreArea
ShoreArea(shore area)
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Gulf_Coast, beach, foreshore, landfall, neritic_zone, oceanfront, plage, shore, strand, tideland, waterside

appearance as argument number 1

(documentation ShoreArea ChineseLanguage "ShoreArea 一处是大约有1-3公里宽、与水域,如:海洋、 港湾、河流或湖泊接壤的 LandAreaShoreArea 有可能包括和种各样的 LandForm,如沙丘、泥沼和沼泽。") chinese_format.kif 3339-3340
(documentation ShoreArea EnglishLanguage "A ShoreArea is a LandArea approximately 1-3 km wide bordering a body of water, such as an ocean, bay, river, or lake. A ShoreArea may comprise a variety of LandForms, such as dunes, sloughs, and marshes.") Merge.kif 14169-14172
(externalImage ShoreArea " 7/ 71/ Lake_Superior_North_Shore.jpg") pictureList-ImageNet.kif 712-712
(externalImage ShoreArea " 9/ 96/ Flussufer.jpg") pictureList.kif 8709-8709
(externalImage ShoreArea " 9/ 98/ Puerto_Rico_north_shore.jpg") pictureList-ImageNet.kif 714-714
(externalImage ShoreArea " c/ c3/ Alupka_Coast.JPG") pictureList-ImageNet.kif 709-709
(externalImage ShoreArea " d/ d8/ Bray_from_Bray_Head.jpg") pictureList-ImageNet.kif 707-707
(externalImage ShoreArea " thumb/ 1/ 19/ Haven_Den_Oever.jpg/ 300px-Haven_Den_Oever.jpg") pictureList-ImageNet.kif 746-746
(externalImage ShoreArea " thumb/ 4/ 4e/ Höga_Kusten,_Gulf_Rödviken_near_Ullånger,_Sweden.jpg/ 400px-Höga_Kusten,_Gulf_Rödviken_near_Ullånger,_Sweden.jpg") pictureList-ImageNet.kif 716-716
(externalImage ShoreArea " thumb/ 4/ 4e/ Kust_van_Kefalonia.JPG/ 270px-Kust_van_Kefalonia.JPG") pictureList-ImageNet.kif 715-715
(externalImage ShoreArea " thumb/ 5/ 5a/ Playa_de_Usgo_en_Miengo.jpg/ 400px-Playa_de_Usgo_en_Miengo.jpg") pictureList-ImageNet.kif 710-710
(externalImage ShoreArea " thumb/ 6/ 68/ Poertschach_Salonschiff_Thalia_Strandbad_Maria_Woerth_09092006_02.jpg/ 120px-Poertschach_Salonschiff_Thalia_Strandbad_Maria_Woerth_09092006_02.jpg") pictureList-ImageNet.kif 623-623
(externalImage ShoreArea " thumb/ 9/ 94/ Cantieri_Riva_Trigoso.jpg/ 200px-Cantieri_Riva_Trigoso.jpg") pictureList-ImageNet.kif 718-718
(externalImage ShoreArea " thumb/ a/ a2/ Harbor_in_Puerto_Banus,_Costa_del_Sol,_Spain,_Dec_2004_3.jpg/ 350px-Harbor_in_Puerto_Banus,_Costa_del_Sol,_Spain,_Dec_2004_3.jpg") pictureList-ImageNet.kif 713-713
(externalImage ShoreArea " thumb/ a/ ab/ Playa_barayo.jpg/ 250px-Playa_barayo.jpg") pictureList-ImageNet.kif 708-708
(externalImage ShoreArea " thumb/ b/ b7/ StraitOfMagellanNorthernShore.jpg/ 800px-StraitOfMagellanNorthernShore.jpg") pictureList-ImageNet.kif 717-717
(externalImage ShoreArea " thumb/ d/ d5/ Oever_petsjora_rivier_achtergrond_Narjan-Mar.jpg/ 250px-Oever_petsjora_rivier_achtergrond_Narjan-Mar.jpg") pictureList-ImageNet.kif 747-747
(externalImage ShoreArea " thumb/ e/ ea/ Playa-de-Toro.JPG/ 800px-Playa-de-Toro.JPG") pictureList-ImageNet.kif 711-711
(externalImage ShoreArea " Belize_over_the_water.JPG") pictureList.kif 9656-9656
(externalImage ShoreArea " Rothesay.JPG") pictureList-ImageNet.kif 705-705
(externalImage ShoreArea " d/ db/ Steile_oever.jpg/ 285px-Steile_oever.jpg") pictureList-ImageNet.kif 745-745
(externalImage ShoreArea " Porto_VM.jpg") pictureList-ImageNet.kif 706-706
(externalImage ShoreArea " 2/ 22/ Costa_Brava1.jpg/ 400px-Costa_Brava1.jpg") pictureList-ImageNet.kif 719-719
(subclass ShoreArea LandArea) Merge.kif 14168-14168 Shore area is a subclass of land area

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appearance as argument number 2

(subclass RiverBank ShoreArea) Geography.kif 5756-5756 River bank is a subclass of shore area
(subclass Seacoast ShoreArea) Geography.kif 6119-6119 Seacoast is a subclass of shore area
(termFormat ChineseLanguage ShoreArea "岸区") domainEnglishFormat.kif 52779-52779
(termFormat ChineseTraditionalLanguage ShoreArea "岸區") domainEnglishFormat.kif 52778-52778
(termFormat EnglishLanguage ShoreArea "shore area") domainEnglishFormat.kif 52777-52777


        (instance ?SHORE ShoreArea)
        (instance ?WATER WaterArea)
        (orientation ?SHORE ?WATER Adjacent))
    (exists (?LINE)
            (instance ?LINE Shoreline)
            (part ?LINE ?SHORE)
            (meetsSpatially ?LINE ?WATER))))
Geography.kif 6152-6161
    (instance ?BANK ShoreArea)
    (exists (?WATER)
            (instance ?WATER WaterArea)
            (meetsSpatially ?BANK ?WATER))))
Merge.kif 14174-14179
    (instance ?SHORE ShoreArea)
    (exists (?LINE)
            (instance ?LINE Shoreline)
            (part ?LINE ?SHORE))))
Geography.kif 6145-6150


    (instance ?plain CoastalPlain)
    (exists (?shore)
            (instance ?shore ShoreArea)
            (part ?shore ?plain))))
Geography.kif 5749-5754

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