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According to WordNet, the noun "standard_ambient_temperature_and_pressure" has 1 sense(s).

115300053 "This is an &%Attribute that refers to the standard ambient temperature and pressure (SATP) of place, which is at the temperature of 298.15 &%KelvinDegree (25 &%CelsiusDegree, 77 &%FahrenheitDegree) and the absolute pressure of exactly 100 kPa (750.06 mmHg, 29.530 &%InchMercury), established by the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry (IUPAC). &%StandardAmbientTemperaturePressure is a standard set of conditions for experimental measurements to be established to allow comparisons to be made between different sets of data. [text courtesy Wikipedia]" (entry from SUMO termFormat and documentation) .

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